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Quincy Carter Conf Call Transcript - 11/12

Carter: I really accept coaching well. When you talk about how [Parcells] coaches, my mom raised me like that.



**Q: Oh we are doing great. You are doing quite well obviously, as well as your team. Tell us a little bit what the change has been, your reaction to Bill [Parcells] and how he has changed your game.

QC:** It is more of a serious-ness, not only out of me but everyone on this football team realizes what situations we are going through everyday. We are working on things to get better. We are not just going out on the field and having practice, but we are actually doing the things that are going to be important really honing in on our pass protections, my schemes as far as the pass plays, the run plays, everything. And you can tell that we are really working on something that is going to be beneficial to us during the football game.

**Q: As the season has rolled along, decision making by the quarterback is always the key. Is that something he really worked with you, really making the right decision?

QC:** He really emphasizes the importance of not turning over the football and making good reads and making your throws are a big asset to decision making. I just want to make sure that on every pass throw, I am making the right read. Physically things are going to break down, maybe I don't make the right pass. Going to the right receiver and having a turnover free game is really what I concentrate on-on a day-to-day basis.

**Q: Other quarterbacks that have played Parcells in the past have thought that he was a really good coach, but also a real royal pain in the butt. What has it been like to adjust to his manner of coaching? And is he an intimidating person?

QC:** Not to me. I really accept coaching well. When you talk about how he coaches, my mom raised me like that. She was real hard on me. There wasn't many things that I was doing right, but she was a constant reminder of me striving for excellence. When you have that kind of pressure, when you have that kind of guy behind you, he's very hard on you. But at the same time, I realize that he is just looking out for my best interest and that is what's important. I have learned to listen to the message and not so much the tone in which he is saying it.

**Q: How specifically has he made you a better quarterback? What has he done that other coaches were not able to do to help you?

QC:** It is just a matter of him coming here and really explaining what he wants out of me and us coming to an understanding of what his quarterback means to his football team, what his expectations are for me, what he expects out of me on a day-to-day basis. Making things very clear to me. It is up to me to go out and execute that play and to do whatever he is asking me to do. I think it is more of a communication thing where we are communicating and I know exactly what he wants me to do, on and off the football field.

**Q: Is this the most complex defense you will have played against this year?

QC:** I would think so. Buffalo gave us some third down looks that were a little confusing. New England does a lot, especially on third down. They get into these six and seven defensive back's, two lineman, two backers, you don't know who really is in the game. It is going to be a very good challenge for us on the offense to identify their defense, their defensive players, to know where everybody is coming from. I would say yes this probably will be the most complex defense we will play. Well, they rank up there with Philadelphia too; Philadelphia gives you a lot of looks too and blitzes you in a lot of different areas too.

**Q: How is your communication with Terry Glenn? He is your leading receiver, and your receivers are doing well and all. How is it to work with Terry?

QC:** It's very good because you can tell that Terry has really benefited from playing with guys like Drew Bledsoe and Brett Favre. He gives me a lot of tips as far as what to look for. He's also a guy who is not going to complain about the football, because he understands that I'm still learning. I'm still in a process of getting a little handle on this offense and also on the NFL as far as what defenses are trying to present to me. He's been very beneficial as far as just talking to me on a day-to-day basis. He's one guy who I know when I come back to the sideline I can ask him what did someone do and then go back and look on the film and he would have told me just what that defensive player had done on that particular play.

**Q: What is the culture of playing professional football in Dallas? It is such a hotbed and if you are not playing well, you hear about it. How has that been, since that is your first stop?

QC:** It is big business. As Mr. Jones always states out, playing for the Dallas Cowboys is big business. That is the only way you can look at it. On a day-to-day basis, there are challenges for you. I think we are tied with San Francisco for the most Super Bowls won in the NFL. The mark is high here and the standard has been set by all the great players who have played here, especially in my position. You talk about having some great quarterbacks in an organization. On a day-to-day basis there is pressure. If you want to be great, then you will get yourself ready and get yourself prepared and go out and compete everyday to make yourself a part of this organization.

**Q: Have you ever gotten the idea that this game means a little bit more to Coach Parcells than some of the other games on the schedule?

QC:** I'm sure it does. He put a lot of work into building New England's franchise up. I'm sure it is going to be a little of a grudge match, because I heard of some of the things that went on his last couple of years there. There have been some other things with some coaches on that coaching staff. I'm sure that he's going to be fired up for this one. Not only him, Terry Glenn had some things that went unsettled up there too. It's like unfinished business that he wants to take care of. And Maurice Carthon too. I'm sure it's personal for all of those guys. We are going to make sure that we prepare ourselves and get ready for this football game, because it is going to be a dogfight up there.

**Q: Randal Williams is a guy that some of us are familiar with from his time at the University of New Hampshire. Can you talk about his development?

QC:** Randal has really come along these last couple of years. He has really been a special teams guy, but he had a great training camp. But we have a little receiver jam at receiver right now and it is hard to get him on the football field when you do have three pretty good receivers. But he is working very hard in practices. We put him in a couple of empty packages. He came up big for us in the Philadelphia game on special teams. He has really come along, not only as a special teams player, but I've seen him develop every day as a receiver. I'm sure he is going to help us a whole lot in the future

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