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Quote from Robert Kraft on Mike Vrabel

"Mike Vrabel was a key contributor to the most successful era in Patriots franchise history and I will forever be grateful. His performance in Super Bowl XXXVIII was MVP worthy and his touchdowns in back-to-back Super Bowls helped us win three championships in four years. During his Patriots career, there was no player more respected for his football intellect and revered for his leadership by his teammates than Mike. He was elected a team captain by his peers and is a player who I think everyone knew was destined to become a coach after his NFL playing career was over. I am thrilled for Mike and his family that his first coaching opportunity allows him to return home to coach at his alma mater, a school that he has always passionately supported. I am sure this is a dream come true for Mike and will be the start of a long and successful coaching career at Ohio State. I know I'll be rooting for him. Mike is a true Patriot."

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