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Quotes from Patriots Pro Bowlers

Patriots QB Tom Brady and defensive lineman Richard Seymour offer their reactions to being named to the Pro Bowl.


Q: How did you find out that you were selected to your fourth straight Pro Bowl?

RS: Coach Belichick announced it to the team at the end of practice today. He told the team that we had two players going to the Pro Bowl - myself and Tom Brady.

Q: What does this honor mean to you personally?

RS: After being selected four times in a row, I just count my blessings all the time. It's just awesome to be recognized by your peers and by the other coaches in the league for what you do on the football field. It's a great honor and I look forward to representing the AFC.

Q: What was the reaction from your teammates?

RS: Everybody congratulated me and told me that they thought I deserved it. Somebody told me that they might as well get me a house over there.

Q: What are your thoughts on how this reflects on the team?

RS: A lot of credit needs to go to the guys around me. Vince Wilfork and Ty Warren are both having great years. As a total unit, it's an honor. It's touching. I called my wife and it was emotional for her. It's an awesome experience.


Q: What are your thoughts on being named to your third Pro Bowl?

TB: It's a great honor, but I certainly realize that team goals are very important to this group. I'm glad that I'm representing the New England Patriots, but I certainly wish more of my teammates were able to join me. But, I accept it and I'm grateful and I look forward to the experience.

Q: What was the reaction from your teammates?

TB: All of the guys are happy to see fellow teammates get selected. I think many of my teammates were very deserving of this and I realize they all contribute to the success that I've had as a quarterback. I am thankful to them for all of the hard work and effort that they've put in this year and realize that winning the AFC East is very difficult. Without the work of each one of my teammates, that would not have been possible.

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