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Randy Moss Postgame Press Conference

Patriots wide receiver Randy Moss addresses the media during his postgame press conference at the Louisiana Superdome on Monday, November 30, 2009.

Q: Did they do anything in their game plan to surprise you today?

RM:: I think besides getting after it though, it's nothing that we haven't seen before. They doubled me a lot. They doubled Wes [Welker] a lot. It's nothing that we haven't seen before. They just put it to us, it's simple as that.

Q: Where do you guys go from here?

RM:: Back to work. That's the good thing about football, once the game is over and you've got 24 hours to reflect back and collect your thoughts. Once Wednesday comes, it's another week. So a game like this, it really hurts. But once Wednesday comes, we're focusing on the Dolphins and putting this one behind us. For right now, it hurts. They put it to us, it's as simple as that.

Q: Offensively did you feel like you ever had any kind of rhythm at all?

RM:: To be honest with you, no. It didn't feel like we had any rhythm. We had little spurts where we tried to gain that rhythm, but we just couldn't put things together. I don't know what to say, they played good football. Something that we haven't really seen on film, we had some self-inflicted wounds we had out there on both sides of the ball. There some things that you can't let a good team like that take advantage of - missed opportunities. They took advantage of them, we didn't. But we got our butts beat by what, 21 or something like that? I don't even know the score, but I know it was a bad one. You really can't let a team like that take advantage of missed opportunities.

Q: How discouraging is it to have two measuring stick games - the Colts, the Saints - and come up short in both?

RM:: Well, we have expectations set high, like we do. We take things one game at a time, but we really see each week what teams are made of. I think we've shown that we're up for a sec, we're down for a sec. We're back up, we're down. So it's kind of wavy right now. I know toward the end of the season, November and December is really when you want to play good football. I got big, big hopes and dreams for this team and I don't think Bill [Belichick] is going to let us down. I know he's going to put it to us this week and further on. We've just got to take our lashes, and keep working hard and see if it pays off.

Q: You guys have talked about needing a road win and three games of your remaining five are on the road. How do you prevent this from getting into the team's psyche?

RM:: I don't really think it's psyche. I think it's just work. I think hard work pays off. I've been in this league long enough, I've been in this league 12 years. I try to work every day in, day out from an individual standpoint. I'm a true believer that hard work does pay off. So it's just putting us back to the drawing board. Like I said, Coach Belichick is not going to let us down. I think he strives for things like this in trying to overcome a lot of obstacles. I look forward to a hell of a Wednesday, really a hell of a week. We'll just go back to the drawing board and see if we can put this thing back together again to get rolling into the direction that we need to.

Q: Do you take any consolation that there are only five games to go and you've been very good as a team of regrouping and going on to the next opponent?

RM:: Around here, I'd say that we really take things one game at a time. I think in the past, the Patriots have run off November and December. But this year you have a new team, it's a different team. Right now, we really have to put this 2009-2010 team together toward the end of the season and try to make this push. I've very, very, very got my mind set on going to work because that's what I love to do. We're in this profession, it is a physical game. So we'll just get back to work, take care of our bodies and see what happens.

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