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Randy Moss Press Conference Quotes

New England Patriots wide reciever Randy Moss addresses the media during his press conference on media day at University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale, Arizona on January 29, 2008.

(on how the week has been)
"The week has been pretty good so far, just getting a feel for being in Arizona and the warm climate and getting the chance to get away for a while and not think about football for a couple of days."

*(on how media day is going)
*"They told me how hectic it's going to be as far as all of the cameras and the flashes. I guess I was a little stunned coming out here and seeing everybody out here, especially waiting here at my booth. It is an experience and I'm enjoying every second of it.

*(on dreaming of playing in the Super Bowl)
*"Before I retired, I wanted a chance to play on this stage, not for all of the publicity or anything, but this whole Super Bowl, you hear a lot of the greats making their name as Super Bowl MVPs and being able to win the big game. I wanted to be on this stage to play in the big game, the last game of the season."

*(on if he wants to have a big game)
*"I hope so. I hope it is a big game for our team as a whole because I think that this season hasn't been about individuals. It's been collectively the way we've been winning. Hopefully from a team standpoint, we can come together collectively to win one last game to really make something special happen."

*(on what separates this Patriots team from the other teams he has been on)
*"It's a team concept with everything that goes with a team. Such as the Giants for instance, they sort of struggled during the regular season and found a way to come together as a group to make this playoff run and they are sitting here at the Super Bowl. For me, speaking on the inside being a player, the playoffs are a one game season. You lose you go home. There is not a next week. It's been an overall team concept from training camp all the way up to this point. That is a big difference than the teams I've been on in the past."

*(on what he took out of the previous game against the Giants)
*"I watched film of the last game and one thing I've looked at and really studied is how we played the game and how we came out and tried to match their intensity because we knew that they were coming out and going to be very excited to play the game towards the end of the season. I think us coming out and trying to match their intensity of the last game is something I'll pay close attention to. Hopefully we can come out and start from jump street and match their intensity."

*(on whether his play the last time was a confidence issue)
*"I don't think it's a confidence factor. I think it's executing a game plan. We are all going to have to be working on all cylinders and that is what I mean by matching their intensity. In the beginning of the game, they had all eleven of their guys working on the same page and it didn't really seem like we had all eleven of our guys on the same page. Late in the game we started to show that and hopefully we'll put it together for four quarters."

*(on being 19-0)
*"I think 19-0 is special. Now, I don't think we really have time to think about being 19-0 with everything we have to look forward to such as practice, getting families here, the media and things like that. Once the game starts and we start biting down and getting prepared for Sunday's game, I think the pride and what can possibly happen will play a factor."

*(on if he's worried about Tom Brady playing)
*"Me, personally, no. Tom is a warrior. He's always been a warrior. I don't think that a high ankle sprain can keep him out of the game. Hopefully he's ready and I look forward to seeing him out there on Sunday.

*(on what is special about Tom Brady)
*"I think his drive and his motivation to be the best even in bad situations. I think through the course of the season and through the course of the game, players start to panic. When it comes down to the nitty gritty, nail biting time, Tom has been a player and he's been the leader of the team to be able to show that much poise and really not show a lot of emotion. I guess you have to respect that every time you see it. Luckily we're on the same team, so of course, I love it."

*(on being triple teamed and catching one pass)
*"We had a game plan to go after them and make things happen. I think that once teams try to take a certain player out of the game, it's up to the other players to step up and make it happen. The last couple of weeks they've been doubling me and somewhat triple covering me, and it's a team sport, so it's up to other guys to make things happen. My process of playing four quarters and not receiving the ball or even seeing the ball, I think earlier in my career I would have probably tried to voice my opinion in certain plays and certain ways to get open, but I've got younger guys such as Welker, Gaffney, Stallworth, guys that their bodies are a little bit fresher than mine. I definitely don't have a problem with what they are doing, and I've never had a problem with any of my teammates. Now I know that I'm a little bit older and their bodies are a little bit fresher than mine. Anything that will contribute to a victory, I'm willing."

*(on toning it down to fit in with the team)
*"How I approached the game when I was younger, it was very angry, not at anyone in particular just the game of football. Now, I still carry that same chip on my shoulder, but now I do understand that I'm a little bit older."

*(on the wide receiver chemistry)
*"That is hard to explain because Wes comes from somewhere, Donte came, Jabar was here not for the full season and I came from somewhere else. So, to be able to explain how that fit together and how the chemistry was able to form and jump off the way that it did, I don't really know. We know what we do and we have guys together who know what they do and how they get things to happen."

*(on what's special about being a Patriot)
*"It's everything that the organization stands for. It's not just football but out in the community, getting to know the people, getting to know the fans, the administration. I think the whole concept of being a team, and not just on the field, is really what makes guys very enthused and appreciative to wear a Patriots helmet."

*(on what happened in Oakland)
*"I think what really took place in Oakland was: I'm a football player. That is what I do. Things really weren't going like I expected them to go, not as an individual but collectively as a team. People in that organization had expectations. I got traded there and other players came, Derrick Burgess, Warren Sapp, so you had a lot of guys that had names throughout this League and the expectations for the teams were very high. To end up not meeting those expectations, a lot of things got in the way where football really wasn't the main priority around there anymore. And knowing that I still had a few more years to play football, I wanted to make the best of the next couple of years or however long I had left in this League. Being able to become a New England Patriot is something I never believed would happen. I've always said since the day I got here, that I'm living the dream and I'm still happy. To be a part of something as special as it seems now, I'm still living the dream."

*(on if he would like to retire as a New England Patriot)
*"As a New England Patriot, I would love to finish my career just for the fact of they have everything that you want in a football organization. They handle things from the top all the way to the bottom, and they do a good job of that. With Coach Belichick and his coaching staff, we have a lot of fun. The fun that we have is not on the field, it's in the locker room or hanging out at guys' houses and stuff like that. The team concept is not just on the field, it's outside the locker room. For me to be able to say that I would love to become a New England Patriot and finish my career here, that is something that I can really believe in."

*(on if he thought about staying in Oakland)
*"It crossed my mind because of the expectations in Oakland, where a couple of years they were competing for a championship and then they made a Super Bowl run. They still had some of the coaches and some of the players and I really thought that something special could happen in Oakland. Things started getting in the way with coaching and play calling and players and stuff like that. The team concept was sort of screwed up in Oakland and really not knowing if I would ever get on this stage, I had to stay positive, but in the back of my mind I really didn't know if I would get here or not."

*(on words of inspiration to young players about maturation)
*"I think being ten years into the game and trying to stay positive was the main thing. It's something that is very very hard to do because it's always good when things are going good, but how does a person act and respond when things are going bad? I think a lot of people, media and fans, were seeing that I was not responding to look like that I was not into the game, but overall I was just so down because of the expectations that we had to go out there and play football. We're football players, so the chance to get to go out there and showcase what you have is on Sundays. Nobody gets to see the preparation during the week. For any advice, guys need to stay in there and stay strong through the good and the bad and hopefully something good will turn out."

*(on whether one catch would be sufficient)
*"No, not in the Super Bowl. I think what we've done in the past week and a half to prepare, practice, weight training and eating right, things like that, I'm setting myself up to come out here and show the world what I've really got."

*(on whether he's laughing at Oakland and Minnesota because he's in the Super Bowl)
*"No, I'm not that type. I don't really get back at people like that. I think whatever the past is or whatever happened in the past, I want to leave it there. The reason why is that I'm on a high pedestal as far as being in the Super Bowl and on the team coming to this game undefeated. Everything that has happened has been positive this year and I don't want to reflect on anything negative. I've never been that type. I think that is what really drives me and makes me stronger to go out there and make things happen."

*(on whether Tom Brady is the best quarterback he's played with)
*"By far. Not the best quarterback I've ever played with but the best quarterback that has ever been put in this league."

*(on why he grew the beard)
*"I'm doing the beard to keep that cold tundra in Massachusetts off of my face. The offensive lineman started growing their beards, so I grew mine and didn't care about it."

*(on whether the Patriots play making is better than the Giants)
*"What the Giants have shown the last couple of weeks, they are making plays too. It's fair to say that they are sitting on the same stage as us and maybe even a little bit higher than that. What Amani and Plaxico have been able to do is something that as a wide receiver you love to see happening. When you have defenses come out there and play single coverage, one on one, you expect the quarterback and the receivers to make things happen. The last couple of weeks, Eli and his group have been making things happen. That is a good thing to say. That's legit."

*(on distractions at the Super Bowl)
*"I'm here for the Super Bowl, one of the biggest times in my life as a professional athlete. I'm not considering anything negative at this time."

*(on the historical ramifications of winning the Super Bowl)
*"I'm taking things one at a time. I really am. I'm not thinking down the road. When I talk amongst my friends and family members, it's nothing down the road. We are here now. I can't wait for my family to get here so they can experience the same things that I'm experiencing. As far as talking ahead, I haven't done that. I really can't answer your question."

*(on making history)
*"I think it will be big because in this modern day era a lot of people, the older you are, the more historical moments you've lived to see. I can remember the first historical moment, it was a tragedy, back when I was in elementary school and the space shuttle with Christa McAuliffe. I still remember it to this day and how it affected people. Being able to live in history and now that I'm a little older and we're on the verge of making history, it's something special and hopefully it's something that my kids and generations to come will cherish."

*(on whether he regrets anything he's done or said)
*"Not at all. I just don't. What can I take back? I am who I am, and I am going to do what I want to do and say what I want to say. To be able to say that I regret things, I don't, because it's already happened and there's nothing that I can do."

*(on his relationship with Coach Belichick)
*"Me and Coach Belichick, it's more mental. We don't really converse much. He's definitely a friendly person. He's definitely player friendly. He just doesn't seem like he has a lot of time to talk. It's always football. What we do and what we've accomplished, you can respect that in a man because as a coach you would want your players and coaches to think and to prepare like you do. All I do is eat and sleep football. That is all I do. I am a football player. When the day comes that I'm not a football player anymore, maybe I can look back to see all of the other roads that I want to venture down, but right now, I live and die football."

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