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Redskins Postgame Quotes

Washington Redskins players comment on their game against the New England Patriots from FedEx Field on Sunday, December 11, 2011.


On if he saw Santana Moss' pass interference call:
"I didn't see it.  I was trying to get outside the edge, on the sprint. I was trying to get outside and I saw him separate, but didn't know how."

On what his feeling was going into the final drive:
"I was just thrilled that the defense made a huge play. They kick a field goal and it is pretty tough to score twice. I was just pumped up that we had an opportunity. And then [we] converted some big third downs and kept moving the ball, and all of a sudden, we are in the position to tie the game, or go for two to win it. It's just frustrating to play well and move the ball and then be in the position to win the game. To have it go the other way is frustrating."

On if he was surprised how well the offense was clicking throughout the day, and if it makes a loss like this even more disappointing:
"When you are playing a good team like that, who is, year in and year out competitive for the Super Bowl, I thought our guys on offense and defense battled for 60 minutes. They gave their best effort. Our offensive line did a hell of a job. You got some key guys who are missing. But the guys who replaced them are still professional athletes that are waiting on their opportunity. I am proud of what they can do and they stepped up and did well."

On the sack in the end zone:
"The first route I went to was Jabar [Gaffney] on the outside and they were ready to jump basically a curl route and then I went to number two, Santana [Moss] over the ball and I didn't obviously see that guy.  In that situation, I need to go to number one and throw it away."

On if he had a feeling that this was going to be a tough game:
"I typically go into every game thinking it's about the offense's execution rather than what the defense is doing.  But there is definitely some weeks where you look at your plays and how they are going to stack up.  I definitely thought that we could get some good plays with the passing game. With the running game, I understand my run checks, but that's about it. So going through it, I knew it was going to come down to execution, it always is. But some games can be more productive than others. Sometimes you aren't always 100 percent confident about the game plan, but then it turns out to be a great game, or vice versa. It all boils down to execution."

On what contribution by Roy Helu and Evan Royster meant for the passing game:
"It's huge. Unless you have a one-dimensional offense, you have to have a balance. The runs have to put you in good positions to throw the ball, put you in third and manageable, getting first downs on first down, or getting first downs on second downs to keep you out of third downs.  Or getting big chunks helps open up the play-action pass.  It's everything to this type of offense and it was a pretty special today.  Every time I'd come out of my fake, [Roy] Helu was running down the field making guys miss, stiff arming guys, and running through some wide open holes and making some plays.  It was good to see."

On what he saw during the interference call against Santana Moss:
"He is a veteran and knows if you pushed off or not, so I believe him. It's frustrating."   

On what he saw on his interception:
"We had a double move on one guy and then they dropped eight guys. They dropped underneath the number one. I was just trying to get Santana [Moss] the ball, so he could put it at fourth-and-five.  Fourth-and-10, from the 10, is pretty tough, so I was waiting for him to clear a guy, and I put it out there for him."

On if he was happy about the way he was able to move the ball against their zone defense, and how they were able to do that:
"Especially when you play a team like this, you have to be able to move the ball and control the clock a little bit while being productive, and for the most part, I thought we did that.  And to answer his question, the offensive line executed well, the running backs executed well. [Tight end Dominique] Byrd blocked his [rear] off.  Logan [Paulsen] blocked his [rear] off.  Those guys were playing really well today.  That opened up a lot of our passes as well."  

On Roy Helu's strength as a runner:
"I think he is a great athlete. He has a lot of speed, he understands his own running scheme, one gap at a time, and being able to make quick decisions on when to cut back and when to stretch it out. When he puts his foot in the ground and makes a decision he runs north and south quickly and he's tough too. He finishes well and keeps his shoulders forward so when he gets hit hard he's falling forward for three more yards. He's got a very good feel for the game and he's going to be a very good player."

On if the loss felt like a loss of accomplishment as the offense went toe-to-toe with the Patriots:
"It can be more frustrating when that happens. You try to build something, there's something to build off of. You can look at it both ways. It's so disappointing that we had our chances to win and we didn't get it done, but at the same time on Wednesday the corrections and that type of atmosphere when you're trying to get better and you're looking at things you did good or bad, those types of things you can build on, but you still lost and it almost hurts more in a different way."

On performance of former Patriots Jabar Gaffney and Donte Stallworth:
"They played great, they ran good routes, were aggressive to the football when the ball was in the air and they separated from their defenders. They're both really good players, I'm glad the Patriots got rid of them."

On the fumble in the end zone resulting in a Patriots touchdown and what he'd do differently:
"I'll watch it on tape and usually try to time things out... I felt like I was right on the cusp of getting rid of the football. I believe I was cocking back to throw. It can't happen and I need to do my part to make sure it doesn't."

On team playing with more emotion:
"It's an emotional sport. You work your [rear] off to get to this point on Sunday to make plays. When you make a play you should celebrate. It is a tough sport and when you do something well, it's fun and you enjoy it and you're jumping in the stands, falling down in the stands, and you let your emotions go. It's what you play the game for, other than it's your job. Other than that, it's very fun to play football."


On if today was a continuation of the last few games:
"The offensive line played their butts off. All credit to them, we had some guys who went down unfortunately right before the game. They played their tails off."

On if he was concerned when Jammal Brown was hurt in warm-ups:
"I was concerned, but I also know that the next guy is just as qualified, if Coach Shanahan has him here."

On how quickly he felt they got the running game into rhythm:
"I would say probably in our second drive."

On how it feels to be the first Redskins rookie running back to run for 100 yards in three straight games:
"It's pretty cool. All credit to the linemen, they did pretty great."

On the confidence of the rookies going into the game:
"I'm impressed with Coach Shannahan's confidence in us. And also, guys stepping up. I think a lot of us had experience going into the game. A few of us had to step up. I think Evan [Royster] did a good job of doing that, as well."

On what he does best and what he needs to work on:
"I need to work on a whole bunch of stuff, being disciplined in pass protection, while running and accelerating my feet on contact. I think today I can definitely look at some game film and improve."

On giving himself credit for three straight games with 100 yards:
"Honestly, today I felt like it was a gift from the offensive line. They played real well. And [fullback] Darrel Young played his tail off. We played a lot of fullback in there and I missed a lot of holes, but when I did hit them, it's due to him blocking so well."

On if he expected the transition to this level be so easy:
"It looks easy just viewing on Sundays, but there's a lot of work that my position coach did with me. There's a lot of heartache and joy in it. We still have three more games, so I'm going to just continue running the ball well and contributing to whatever we need to do to get into the end zone."

On if it's better to work your way into the starting position or start right away:
"Right now is just exactly what path I was supposed to take. I don't think about it that much. It would be a lot of speculation."

On how it feels in his first year to go up against the Patriots:
"Their defense is very sound and very disciplined. They are a good organization, a winning organization. That's what we are going to become. I'm very confident in that. Just looking, when we do run the ball well, we have very good defense. The more we can give them some rest, the more we can run the ball, and get it the ball to the house, the better we can be."

On Grossman's comment about opening up the passing game:
"I would probably agree with Rex. Rex played his tail off, and he had guys who were making plays out there, other than myself. I feel like vice versa today, I felt like the passing game gave me confidence in contributing to the running game."

On what he does to get his body ready for Sundays:
"I'm trying to stay right with protein. I try to carbo-load when I go into a game. I try to take naps as much as I can and stay off my feet. The biggest thing is just staying after and later every day, doing extra treatment or core work, little things that will keep me right and the cold tub."


On what he felt happened on the pass interference call at the end of the game:
"I don't know, I mean I've been playing this game for a long time and I still find it hard to believe that it's alright for somebody to mug us at five yards but we can't get the guy off us, so they called pass interference on us. How can I get open if a guy is going to put his hands on me and if I put my hands back on him, you know? It's just stuff that has been going on for years."

On the missed catch that turned into an interception for the Patriots:
"[I] didn't make the play, plain and simple. I didn't make the play but, you know, it's football."

On how he thinks the offense responded without Trent:
"We just did what we do - ain't no moral victories. We lost, so it doesn't really matter."

On if the team going to go for two if you had scored:
"I don't know. I was just trying to score, take care of first things first, and then what ever happens, happens."

On if the pass interference call was that something you had been getting away with and it wasn't getting called or was it something different:
"Well, honestly to tell the truth all day the guy been mugging me every time I try to go around I'm getting pulled or you know, so I said, 'Okay, I'm not going to go around. I'm going to go at him. If you're standing still and I'm running at you, of course we're going to collide and that's what happened - we collided. He didn't move and we collided and I broke off and [it was] pass interference on me. But if it's vice-versa, it's good coverage by them and you can see it all through the game if I just let him grab me. I'm covered and there not going to call [anything] because he can do it and he's going to hold on for ten yards and they're going to say, 'Well, he's not getting the ball so it's not holding.'"


On what his thoughts were about the Patriots' secondary:
"We felt like we could get off on their secondary today. We knew they were tough up front and they've had a lot of injuries in their secondary so we had to try to take advantage of it."

On two weeks in a row not being able to finish off a game:
"That's just it - can't finish. Ain't nothing really to talk about - we didn't get it done."


On his touchdown pass to Moss:
"It was a reverse pass call. I had the option to run it or keep it. they bit on me so I just threw it up to Santana."

On what he wanted to do on that play:
"Run it."

On how many times he practiced that play:
"About four or five times. We played around with me throwing the ball but it was a joke at first. I mean, this week, it was kind of serious, obviously. I got my number called and I executed."

On if his eyes lit up when he saw it in the game plan this week:
"I wouldn't say they lit up, I was just excited that they put me on offense, I mean I can't wait to be out there on offense contributing on offense and putting points on the board."


On Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski:
"He's got it all in terms of being a tight end. He's strong, he can run after the catch, he's fast. He can do it all. He's what you want in a tight end."

On if the Patriots offense spreading the ball around is frustrating:
"A little bit. As a pass rusher, especially, it's not as fun because you're two steps up the field and you have to turn and run downfield. They do what they do and they do it well."

On the offense not being able to finish:
"They played great all day. That turnover is a really unfortunate turnover but they played great all day - allowing 27 points as we did, them scoring on defense and us not scoring on defense. The offense played phenomenally but we as defenders just have to rise up, even playing a great offense like New England."

On if he was surprised that the game was so close and high scoring:
"No, we knew what we could do on both sides of the ball. We know the matchups we had. We knew how to exploit some of them. They're a good team and they found a way to win."

On why Gronkowski is so hard to stop:
"I think Gronkowski and [Tom] Brady just click so well. They know what each other are going to do in certain situations. That throw that he made where I missed the tackle and Gronkowski scored. That was a heck of a throw right over top. Great catch. Not much you can do besides make the tackle."

On if the Patriots use two tight ends more than other teams:
"I think so, yeah. They throw to their tight ends more than anybody. You can see why because they're playmakers and they make plays after the catch."


On his interception:
"I was on the backside, singled up. Anytime you're on the backside like that against a great quarterback, you know what time it is. You know that the ball is coming to you. Brady looked and I knew I was outside and I was going to have to make a big play to keep the ball out of his hands. He put enough air under and it gave me a chance to make a play with it... I didn't realize it until I got the ball in my hands. Once I got two hands [on the ball], the whole point after that was just making sure I came up with the ball."

On playing against Tom Brady:
"He's a great quarterback. He made a lot of great plays today. I'm glad I had the opportunity and made the most of it."

On tight end Rob Gronkowski:
"Look at him. If you miss the first tackle, that was the biggest thing. You've got to take care of the tackles and bringing the guy down while you have him... He's a big guy who is hard to bring down. As you cover a tight end, you've got some pretty good looks on him and he won't stay up. I'm glad we were able to keep it to a minimum, but he made some really big plays on us."

On making the interception catch:
"I anticipated he was going to throw the ball. I'm on the backside and I know I'm probably going to get the ball. When he came back, I knew one thing is I'm either going to catch it or nobody was going to catch it. I'm happy I had the opportunity to make it."

On playing against Patriots receivers:
"I think that me and [cornerback] DeAngelo [Hall] and [cornerback Kevin Barnes], we were just in their faces and making them have to earn everything they got. They did. They definitely went out there and earned it. My hat goes off to them."

On today's close outcome:
"As a competitive note, you want to win every game... As a team, I think we need to put some things together. We did a great job out there today and made it right down to the end."

On his interception:
"I've dropped a bunch of them. They say after you catch that first one, the rest of them come raining. I've got three weeks to let it rain."

On Gronkowski:
"I had a pleasure to play with two of the brothers. I knew he was good and going to be tough - one of those big coal mine-type of guys and he showed it. I was impressed with his balance and his ability to run after the catch today. He played big for them."


On losing the game despite having a good day on offense:
"Yeah, you're always disappointed when you can't finish a game. I thought we did a number of good things today, but at the end of the day we fell a little bit short.  Some guys stepped up and really did a great job with finding a way to play at a high level even though they didn't get a lot of reps during the week.  [Tackle Jammal Brown] went down in pregame warm-ups with a groin injury and I think Tyler Polumbus came in and did a great job with no practice during the week."

On shuffling the offensive linemen during the game:
"Tyler Polumbus went right away. We switched series with Sean Locklear and obviously with Willie Smith and I thought they did a good job as well."

On if he saw the offensive pass interference call on Santana Moss:
"No, I didn't see it. I didn't get a chance to see it on replay."

On the key to the offense:
"I think the last couple of games we've been getting better in the running area. I think Roy [Helu] has been doing an excellent job. He's averaging close to five yards a carry. We're giving him more of a load, feeling a lot more comfortable with it. I thought [Evan] Royster came in and played exceptionally well when Roy was a little tired. Good effort."

On what he thought of offensive lineman Willie Smith's performance:
"We thought we could take a little pressure off him not throwing him in right away starting the game in case we had a few mistakes, so we alternated series. When Willie started playing well, we kept him in there and I think he did a good job."

On if today was the most in-rhythm the offense has been all season:
"I don't think there's any question about it. We made some plays. Unfortunately we had a few penalties late in the game that really cost us. That holding down there on the 10-yard line, the one they called on [Maurice] Hurt.  We had a couple mistakes down there - pass interference. We had a chance to finish a couple drives and we didn't. We set ourselves back a little bit. Overall I was pleased with the effort, displeased not being able to finish it and do what you need to do to win."

On his reasoning for starting safety DeJon Gomes instead of Oshiomogho Atogwe:
"To be honest with you, health. O.J. keeps on trying to go out there and play at a very high level. He's playing injured, he's not playing at full speed. He hasn't been able to get back to full speed even at the start with his knee, ankle, hamstring.  It's good to have him up with [safety LaRon] Landry being down. We're a little short on depth."

On Rex Grossman's performance:
"Well, we're all judged by winning and losing. We moved the ball fairly well and scored a few points. You can't turn the football over early. You give a touchdown. You have to try to limit those mistakes. Still had a chance there at the end."

On the unnecessary roughness penalty on London Fletcher's hit on Patriots quarterback Tom Brady:
"Well at least in my opinion I thought it was horrible. That's what I saw on the replay. What I saw on the replay I thought it was a bad call. I'd have to see it again to know for sure but my first look at it ... I talked to them and I asked who called it because I didn't agree with him."

On DeAngelo Hall's unsportsmanlike conduct penalty:
"Well, you have to keep your composure.  We all know that. You can't lose it. This is a tough business. You're going to have some highs and lows. You can't make those mistakes."

On if he thought the Redskins had a chance to win after Josh Wilson's interception:
"Oh yeah. It was right there at the end. We had a chance. If you score down there you're going to have a chance to go for the two points or you decide to go into overtime. Either way you have a chance to win the football game.  Disappointing we couldn't take advantage of that opportunity. Josh made a great play back there."

On if Roy Helu's development:
"It's still early, but the way he's played over the last three games.  It's one of the reasons why he's been getting the load because of the way he's played the last two games. Today I thought he really stepped up and played well."

On feeling comfortable enough to run a trick play:
"You don't really know. You're taking a chance with one of those plays. Sometimes you feel like you need a big play. They do a great job supporting the run after they feel a run is called. They're playing a two-deep coverage. Brandon [Banks] did a good job of extending the play pretty close to the numbers and Rex did a good job on Andre Carter buying a little time to carry out the run fake and Brandon [Banks] did a great job of throwing the ball downfield."

On Mike Sellers' injury status:
"Just an elbow hyperextended. To the degree, I don't know right now. I don't think it's any more than a hyperextension, but I'll have to wait and see on that one."

On going against a struggling defense:
"What you have to do is score in the red zone. I thought the game would come down to the red zone. We had our opportunity to score touchdowns and we had to score field goals. You take that third down and one on the two-inch line and they did a good job of shifting. They shifted and we jumped. For them it would have been a six-inch penalty and we just have to keep our composure down there and understand what a defense may do. They did a good job shifting on that play and that cost us four points right there. And at the end not being able to score in another opportunity [in the red zone] and we had to settle for a field goal.  When you play a team that scores as many points as they do, when you do get down there, you want to score touchdowns to give yourself a chance to win."

On Rex Grossman's fumble in the end zone for a touchdown:
"Well, obviously, you'd like a little more pass protection over on that side and we'd like him to get rid of it a little bit quicker, especially down there in the end zone. It's a combination of both."

On if going for two points at the end of the game would have been an option:
"Oh, yeah. You have to get a little lucky with the [overtime] coin flip. It all depends on our players.  Those are the things that are going through your mind at that time. You have to feel good about your two-point play. Unfortunately we didn't get a chance to see, either way."

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