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Richard Seymour Press Conference - 1/8/2008

New England Patriots defensive lineman Richard Seymour addresses the media during his press conference at Gillette Stadium on January 8, 2008. Q: You have two running backs that are totally different styles.

New England Patriots defensive lineman Richard Seymour addresses the media during his press conference at Gillette Stadium on January 8, 2008.

Q: You have two running backs that are totally different styles. Is that a unique combination for you to deal with?

RS: Yeah, absolutely. When you look at Fred Taylor, I definitely rate him as one of the best backs that we've seen all year. And [Maurice Jones-] Drew comes in and does a good job as well, but Junior [Seau] and I always have a little joke going on. I always tell him when God was giving out talents, I always tell Junior he went back for seconds. And when you look at Fred Taylor, he went back for seconds, too. They do a good job all the way across the board. Like I said, they're a great one-two punch and defensively we're going to have our work cut out for us because we can be in the hole, we can be in the gap [and] know what to do, but they do such a good job of making you miss.

Q: With a guy like Fred Taylor, he's 31 years of age and he doesn't seem to have lost anything. How could that be?

RS: I think a lot of the credit has to go to his training in the offseason. Obviously he's been hurt, but actually I saw him a couple of times during the offseason and he's been working with some real experienced guys, as far as rehabbing and getting him back on the field. He's been doing a good job of taking care of his body. He's the ultimate pro and we have a lot of respect for him.

Q: What does Vince Wilfork do in and of his own role and how does that help you or Ty Warren or Jarvis Green?

RS: Vince is kind of like that centerpiece in the middle that doesn't move, that constant force that's always there. What it does is, as long as we take care of our responsibilities outside we can turn the ball in to him and there aren't many centers in this league that can block Vince. He's a strong guy, he [has] a low center of gravity, he has a high football IQ and he does a great job. We're definitely going to need that in the biggest game of the year.

Q: How does he get all of those fines? He seems like such a nice fellow.

RS: Right, he is a nice fellow, but you have to have that mentality, you know, when you're on the field. I look at it as sort of like a peaceful warrior. He's peaceful off the field, a fun-loving guy, a father and a good friend. But on the field, he's a warrior. Fines are part of the game. Obviously we don't try to go out and create any, but I think some of it just comes along with the territory.

Q: Do the Jaguars remind you at all of your teams at the early part of this decade, when you were always very good but didn't get a lot of Pro Bowl recognition?

RS: Yeah, I think they do a good job of bringing that type of mentality. I think they do a good job of running the football, stopping the run. They have really good players, they're well-coached, so I think when you look at us, I think it's sort of like the same qualities and they do a good job of doing what they do.

Q: How do you feel now after missing the first six or seven weeks, as opposed a year you did not? Can you tell?

RS: Well, there was a reason I was out, obviously having the surgery, so obviously getting back in the groove, getting back, seeing the recognition of blocks and also getting football stamina - It's a lot different than just waking up and stepping out on the football field. I think you have to get in football condition, football shape. I think especially as a defensive lineman, because if you're an every-down player, I think you have to have the ability to rush the passer, stop the run, run sideline to sideline - It's a difference than just getting out there and running around. When you have to take on guys, take on blocks and shed blocks, stay strong, be explosive, I think there's a lot that plays in to it and you have to work your way to that level.

Q: Would it be fair to say - Are you peaking now?

RS: I think I'm definitely moving in the right direction. I'm excited [about] where I'm at and it'll be exciting come Saturday night.

Q: They say the playoffs are a higher level and defense is such an important aspect for the eventual winner. Do you notice a higher level when it's a playoff game?

RS: I definitely think the pace picks up. I think every play is magnified, and you never know which play it is and you never want to be the guy that [doesn't] take care of your responsibilities. But I think in situations like this, I think the best thing that you can do is just simplify the game, take your responsibility, do your job and hopefully the guy beside you takes that same approach - And have fun doing it. I mean, you can't come in here and be tense, be tight, not have fun. This is something that you work all year long for. This is one of the reasons that you play this game, to be in situations like this, to have great opportunities. We put ourselves in a great position to finish our goal and Saturday night will be our first step.

Q: Can you comment on David Garrard and how tough it is to defend him?

RS: Yeah, he's a big, strong guy in the pocket. He's hard to bring down. You can have guys on him and he'll shake those guys off. I kind of put him in that same mold of Steve McNair, being able to shake off tacklers and do a good job and be elusive in the pocket. He's a smart guy. He doesn't make many turnovers and he's really good for their offense and what they're trying to do. Obviously their coaching staff feels the same way.

Q: Does your responsibility with a mobile quarterback like that change? You move around, but do you have to be aware of where he is?

RS: Yeah, I think you have to be aware of where he is and what are his qualities, what he brings to the table - awareness of our rush lanes, knowing that we just can't rush around and leave lanes because he can - You saw in that Pittsburgh game. It was fourth and two. I mean, the season was on the line [and] it's quarterback draw. So they put the ball in his hands and he was able to go out and make a play.

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