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Rob Gronkowski Conference Call Transcript

Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski addresses the Indianapolis media during his conference call on Wednesday, November 30, 2011.

On not having the opportunity to play against his brother, Chris Gronkowski:
"(I am) definitely a little disappointed, but he got that injury and he got that surgery, so he's recovering well. That would have definitely been cool, because he was on kickoff and I'm on kickoff return, so I would have had an easy block there."

On the sibling rivalries in the Gronkowski household:
"Definitely growing up it was always pretty crazy around the house. (There were) always fights, and (we were) always playing video games to backyard sports and everything."

On playing in an explosive offense:
"The offense is great. It's so much fun to play here, and everyone's doing well. Everyone's doing their job, everyone's clicking together and we're executing well, which is a great thing for the offense."

On how he sees his role in the offense and Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez's role:
"(We follow) whatever the game plan is. Coaches come in every single week, we go out to practice and we execute every game plan every week out in practice. Then when it comes to a game, we've got to bring what we had out at practice out to the game field. Whatever it is, whatever plays called and everything, that's what we've got to do. (We execute) what we learn in practice, and bring it out to the game."

On whether he believes a linebacker can cover him:
"It all depends on how I run my route. I can always be covered if I run a bad route. If I'm not focusing on my details, then it's easy to get covered. If I'm running a good route with focus on my details, focusing on what my coaches told me, and what our quarterback told me, then I feel like I can get open at any time."

On what he has been able to learn from the veterans on the offensive side of the ball:
"The veteran guys here are awesome to work with. They're great players, they work hard in practice and you love taking what they have out there. You love watching them, you love seeing how they get out of their cuts and everything, so you can take it on to your game and definitely learn from them."

On what he has been able to learn from Patriots wide receiver Wes Welker:
"His work ethic out on the practice field. Just watching him get in and out of cuts, and how he breaks it down to get out of a cut faster."

On playing alongside Patriots quarterback Tom Brady:
"It's definitely crazy. It's a dream come true, definitely, to even be playing in the NFL, and to be out here and playing with the Patriots and with this team, it can't be any better."

On Tom Brady's throwing ability:
"He throws great balls at all times, and it's awesome just playing with him."

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