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Rob Gronkowski Conference Call Transcript

Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski addresses the Buffalo media during his conference call on Wednesday, December 28, 2011.


Q: Talk about playing with Tom Brady for the first two years of you career. It must be nice to have a guy like that behind center who can get you the ball.

RG: Yes, definitely. It's great having Tom here. I mean, first coming in and everything, he helps you so much with routes. Where he wants you, the timing, the connection between when you're going to break out of the route and when he's going to throw the ball and everything. He helps out a lot, is a great veteran player along with all the other veterans. The wide receivers, they help you too, how to run the routes. The coaching staff helps you a lot – how to run the routes, how to get open against who you're going against and everything. It's great having him around, he helps out a lot and he's a great leader.

Q: With the numbers that you're putting up can you sense that defenses are starting to play you a little bit differently than they did a year ago?

RG: I would say a little bit, sometimes, some games definitely, but I mean we've got some many weapons that you really can't just focus on one because there's just so many. We've got great running backs. We've got Aaron Hernandez at the other tight end position. We've got Wes Welker, Deion Branch, and everything so you can't really just focus on one because we've got so many weapons, so many good players that believe that they're just going to get open and Tom's [Brady] going to find them. We've basically seen it all and we always got to be prepared for whatever coverage there is out there.

Q: Speaking of Aaron Hernandez, are you kind of disappointed he didn't make the Pro Bowl along with yourself? I mean he's put up some pretty good numbers as well.

RG: Yes, definitely he's a great player and I love playing with him and I believe we help each other out and everything. I think he should of, but I mean it is what it is and I think he's the first alternate.

Q: If you were going to tell someone what you think the biggest strength in your game was, what would it be?

RG: Just overall being a complete tight end I believe. Just being able to block well and be able to go out and receive a pass, so just being a complete tight end I think is the strength of my game.

Q: Have you seen more double teams over the last half of the season?

RG: A little bit. I mean, but nothing too crazy, not like every play or anything, so every once in a while yes, but you've got to be prepared for all coverages and everything. We've got great wide receivers that if you leave them one-on-one they're going to get open.

Q: Is it extra special to play against the Buffalo Bills?

RG: Oh yeah. It's always a pleasure because of growing up there and everything, being a Bills fan as a young kid and everything. It's always a cool honor to go against your hometown team that you grew up in.

Q: How many tickets did you have to get for this game?

RG: Not that many. I'm good.

Q: What's the Patriots mindset going into the regular season finale? You guys have everything pretty much wrapped up. What's the mindset going in?

RG: It's the mindset that it's another game. We've got to win this game, it's another big game and we don't like losing around here so we're taking this game [seriously]. We started our practices yesterday. We've got a big practice today [and] another big practice Thursday and Friday and we're going to be preparing for the Bills like it's any other game.

Q: What's your impression of the Bills defense overall? You seemed to enjoy yourself against the Bills defense.

RG: They've got a good defense. I mean, last time we played them they had four interceptions. They just had another four interceptions last game versus the Broncos. They've got a good secondary, good linebackers, good line and everything and they are playing well together. I mean, they've got a solid defense and that's what we've got to be prepared for. On offense, we've got to come out playing fast and ready to be physical because that's what they are.

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