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Rodney Harrison Press Conference Quotes - 1/28/2007

New England Patriots safety Rodney Harrison addresses the media during his press conference at the Super Bowl media center on January 28, 2008.

*(on if this Super Bowl is more special because the start of his season and coming back from injury)
*"I think it's probably a little bit more special for me, for the simple fact that the older you get, you understand that your time playing football and having this opportunity really wears down. For me to have this opportunity at this point and stage of my career, 14th year, is pretty special."

*(on NFL players and problems with steroid and substance abuse not getting the same scrutiny as baseball players)
*"That is none of my concern. I'm just here looking forward to and planning on beating the Giants and preparing for them. That's none of my concern."

*(on only three teams reaching the Super Bowl twice throughout his career and those being the Rams, Giants and Patriots and his role on Rams getting here for his hit on Trent Green and if he thinks about his place in history)
*"Not at all. I was a teammate of Trent Green's and was very disappointed that, that hit actually occurred. He turned out to be a terrific quarterback and did some wonderful things, made a lot of money. He really doesn't have anything bad to say about his career. But, I don't really focus on (my place in) history. There's a time and place for that, and it's certainly not right now."

*(on if he felt bad to see Green suffer another severe concussion to end his season this year)
*"No question. He is a quality guy. He's a great person, a great football player, and it's frustrating. We, as competitors, are out there trying to compete and stay healthy, and sometimes the game won't allow you to stay healthy. Sometimes you get a shot on your knee, you get rolled up on, you get a concussion and those are things you can't control. I don't care how many weights you lift or how much working out you do, but that's why we signed up for it."

*(On his pride in the 30 sacks and 30 interceptions)
*"Well, I mean that is something I really haven't reflected on yet because I don't feel like my career is over yet. When I'm done playing and am relaxing with my kids, that's probably a story I'll tell my two boys. But right now, that really doesn't have any relevance to the game."

*(on if the loss to the Colts last year in the AFC Championship sparked a more aggressive off-season for the Patriots)
*"I don't know. You would have to ask Bill Belichick that but obviously we made some great moves this off-season, bringing in some guys. His number one reason for bringing in guys is to help this team out and really get us to that next level, and that next level is where we are at right now. Last year was last year, and we were very disappointed about that but we came back very strong and we worked extremely hard since March preparing, working hard, lifting weights, meetings, two-a-days, just everything to put it all together for this opportunity right now to win one football game, and that's the goal."

*(on the kind of pressure it puts on opposing secondary given the Patriots free agent wide receiver acquisitions)
*"The analogy I use is in '03 when we played the Colts, unstoppable. It seemed like they were unstoppable, and it seems like for our offense, it's like going against the '03 Colts, with so many different weapons – the wide receivers, the running backs, the tight ends, just so much talent – and that's what we have."

*(on beating nine teams with winning records)
*"We can't control who we play or who is on our schedule. We go out there and try to win a football game. At first it was, 'you guys are putting up too many points.' Now, it's come around where we are only winning games by three points, and you guys (media) started complaining about that. We are just happy to be here."

*(on if it's a point of pride to beat the best teams in the League)
*"I really haven't though about it. I don't think many of my teammates have thought about it. I think ever since I've been here in '03, wins and losses have been put on the shelf. We learn from them and we move forward."

*(on what his reaction was when the Patriots signed Wes Welker)
*"I was ecstatic. I was so excited. I told my brother. I was just ecstatic, because he was probably the toughest guy (to cover) because no one could stick him man-to-man. When we went against the Dolphins, he was just so quick, so tough, and he wouldn't mind coming and crack blocking on you. He could just do so many different things."

*(on if he was surprised that a guy like Welker was even available)
*"Yeah, it's shocking because he's a great talent. He can hurt you in so many different ways, so if he comes available, you'd be crazy not to take a shot at getting him. But, that just shows you once again, (Bill) Belichick and doing Scott Pioli doing a great job with personnel and grabbing guys who people overlook, whether he's 5'6" or 5'8", or a free agent, it doesn't matter. They know football, and they know football players."

*(on if he was concerned about Randy Moss' ability to adapt to the Patriots Way)
*"I really didn't know the exact situation coming in with Randy. I didn't really know Randy personally. I played against him for several years when he was in Minnesota, so of course, I think everyone probably had…they were pretty skeptical. Can he really fit in and do the things that we wanted him to do? But you look back at his situation with the Raiders, and he's always played hard. He's always been a productive receiver, so being in a situation like that, I can understand why he was frustrated – losing, not getting the ball, wanting to win. He's a very competitive guy, and a very intelligent guy. Being here, he's been the ideal teammate. He's been working hard. I mean, he looks like he's 27 or 28 years old out there. He's just a fun guy to be around."

*(on the journey of Tedy Bruschi)
*"Every time I see this Patriots symbol (pointing to the logo on his hat), it reminds me of Tedy Bruschi. That's what Tedy Bruschi is – he's the heart and soul of our team. He's a guy who demands respect, a guy who has the respect of all of his teammates and peers and the organization, and a guy who really symbolizes what it's like to be a New England Patriot. He's one of my best friends on the team. So, he's a guy who they looked at and said he'd probably never walk, let alone play football, and for him to come back and make that tremendous journey, and to show the heart and resiliency to get back on that field, that's inspirational."

*(on if Bruschi is the embodiment of the Patriots Way)
*"That's what it's about. It's not about guys parading themselves and trying to draw attention to themselves. We have a lot of talented guys and the first thing people said when I first got here was that they were a bunch of blue-collared guys who did things a certain way, but we have some good football players on this team, and the reason why maybe we don't get the attention that other individuals get is because we don't parade ourselves. We don't try to say how good one individual person is. It's all about the team. It's all about the team, and nothing else matters. You can have a bunch of great individual players, but it's something special to have a great team, and it takes a bunch of special individuals to make up that team."

*(on Asante Samuel)
*"He's the best corner in the League, hands down - the best corner in the League, hands down. I'd put him up against anybody. He's consistent, very smart, and he can do it all. He can tackle, knock balls down, and he can match up on the best receiver. He's the best cornerback in the League."

*(on if coming to New England was the best decision he could have ever made)
*"Yeah, I had a choice. I had a choice and an opportunity to sign with the Denver Broncos or the Oakland Raiders. I prayed on it, and someway, somehow, God led me to New England. I had on shorts and a t-shirt and I never imagined I'd play for the Patriots, but it was a great decision and a true blessing for me to be able to experience what I have experienced. I've learned more in five years here than in nine of my previous seasons in San Diego."

*(on what it is about Bill Belichick that makes him so special)
*"He's smart, well prepared, he has knowledge of all three areas – special teams, defense and offense. He's a guy who doesn't overlook any detail. That's Bill Belichick. He just pays attention to every single aspect or detail about this football team, and that's the thing that really separates Bill Belichick from others."

*(on Junior Seau talking about this team having chance to be in the greatest ever category)
*"We have an opportunity to do something special. First and foremost, win a football game, win a world championship. Then, whatever records you want to look at, whatever history you want to make out of it, it can last forever. I think that's what Junior means by that situation. It's an opportunity. I think Tedy Bruschi summed it up. He said, 'we've won one game, 18 times in a row.' Now, we have to try to go out there and win one more."

*(on if the spy issue served as extra motivation)
*"No. You step on the field and you are already pissed off enough. You don't need added incentive. You are doing it for your job. You are doing it for your teammates. The media of course always has something to say, so of course you like to spit in their face by going out and winning and playing hard, no disrespect. You are always going to have critics, people looking at you and saying different things, but if you can't find motivation going out on that football field, you need not play."

*(on the fine line between being aggressive vs dirty)
*"I don't know because football is a dirty sport. You look at the receivers out here, how linemen cut block, and how receivers intentionally go at your knees and try to take you out, which I was taken out last year by Bobby Wade. Is that dirty? I mean, I missed the AFC Championship and he could have ended my career. But, they look at me and say I'm dirty. It's all good. I'm not going to change who I am, the way I approach the game, or the way I play."

*(on seeing Tom Brady out at practice)
*"He's the leader of our team. He's special, and to have your number one guy out there working hard and just being out there with his spirit, of course it brought a smile to our faces. Tom will be there Sunday, don't worry about that."

*(on how he gives out his allotment of Super Bowl tickets)
*"It's a tough situation because you have had so many people who have supported you throughout your career. For me, I've been fortunate because this is my fourth Super Bowl, and I've been able to really share in this special moment with so many people. I think when I was a rookie, I got 30 tickets. Now, I'm only getting 15 tickets. Now that I'm married, my wife helps out and you just find the people who have supported you and been there for you, whether you are a professional athlete or an ordinary guy, and you just go with your heart."

*(on if Junior Seau needs a Super Bowl win to validate his career)
*"I don't think he needs a Super Bowl. I think what he does speaks for itself – 12 consecutive Pro Bowls, how many all-Pros? Just what he meant to me in my life and other young guys around the League, that's something that you cherish and you really hold near to your heart. I don't think he really needs that, but I think there's nothing wrong with having that. For him, I think it'll just put that stamp of approval on an already successful career."

*(on dealing with the death of Marquise Hill)
*"What I promised myself was that the way I approach my life was going to be the way I was going to honor Marquise. I get up every day and as I walk past his locker, I remember him and I just thank God for the opportunity for me to wake up in the morning. It's the small things, like saying 'I love you' to my wife and my mom and my kids, not taking anything for granted or letting a day go by where I don't really bust my butt. He was a young guy, 23 or 24 years old, and he was tragically lost. So for me, and I think most of my teammates, we really honor him by just looking at his locker and working every day and appreciating things in this life."

*(on getting back on the practice field on Monday)
*"It was fun today. Just getting off that long flight and resting last night and being able to get on that football field and see the sunshine and being out of that cold weather, it was just enjoyable. You never know when you'll have another opportunity like this, and I'm cherishing each moment and each day. It's truly special. This is the biggest sporting event in the world and little Rodney Harrison from Markham, Illinois has an opportunity to play in this game once again, and I'm so blessed by it."

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