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Rodney Harrison Press Conference Quotes - 1/30/2008

Patriots' S Rodney Harrison addresses the media on January 30, 2008


Rodney Harrison talks with the media at the Patriots' Super Bowl XXLII team headquarters on Wednesday morning
Photo: Jason Dalrymple

(on how each team's familiarity with the other will affect the game)
"Well, it has really no impact. They're really familiar with us. We played them in the preseason, and we're really familiar with them. It's just a matter of coming down to X's and O's, and executing plays."

(on what he learned from the Week 17 game against the Giants)
"I learned that both teams are very physical. Both teams have a lot of playmakers, and it just comes down to execution. We didn't play particularly well. I'm not taking anything away from (the Giants), but we played probably our worst game of the year on defense. We can't get any worse than that, so we'll definitely be prepared this time."

(on the ways in which New England's defense played poorly in the Week 17 game)
"We gave up four touchdowns through the air. We didn't tackle well, we weren't really precise on our gap responsibilities and our technique. So we have really nowhere to go but up."

(on the difference in Giants QB Eli Manning's play between the Week 17 game and now)
"Initially, just looking at him, just his confidence. You see a sense of patience in the pocket. Really, he's a very intelligent guy. He knows exactly where his reads are at, No. 1, and No. 2, he's not turning the ball over, which is huge. He's making all the right throws and all the right decisions. And that's a direct reason why they've been winning and having success."

(on his impressions of the Giants running backs Brandon Jacobs and Ahmad Bradshaw)
"We saw (Brandon Jacobs) on film and he's really dangerous. They're two totally different-style running backs. They don't really change up their play-calling with those two different guys in. But they're very, very elusive. (Bradshaw) runs like he (weighs) 220 and he's a smaller guy, maybe 195 pounds. He's very explosive, a cutback runner, runs screens, catches the ball out of the backfield. So he presents a few challenges for us."

(on how to prevent the Giants from controlling the ball on offense)
"We have to be able to go in there and get some three-and-outs and be able to have success on third down, and not give up the big play. Those are some of the key elements to the game."

(on what the Giants receivers do well)
"They're just so big. They have the ability to catch the ball up in the air. Most of the (defensive backs) that they're facing are like 5-10 or 5-11. Those guys are like 6-3 to 6-5. I think they're underrated athletically. They're very athletic wide receivers. Really, Plaxico (Burress) has been playing on a different level. He's been playing like a man possessed. But at the same time, our secondary, we need to play better. We need to get more pressure on the quarterback and we need to make more plays when we have the opportunity."

(on if it is possible to rattle Eli Manning)
"I think with any quarterback, it just depends on the situation. I think you can rattle any quarterback if you're able to get some turnovers and get some pressure on the quarterback. Which quarterback wants pressure? None of them really like pressure. So it doesn't matter if you're a second or third-year player or if you're a 10-year vet – no one likes pressure. We understand that we can't just let him sit back there and play seven-on-seven with us. So it's just a number of things we have to do."

(on what RB Kevin Faulk brings to the Patriots offense)
"He's 'instant offense.' That's how we describe him. Every time he comes in the game, he has the ability to get a first down, break a long run, make a huge third-down reception or conversion. He just means so much to this team. It's the constant work ethic and his ability to do so many things. And he's not a big guy. But he has such a big heart, and that's why he's been so successful."

(on WR Troy Brown)
"He embodies everything about a professional. Even when he's inactive, he still works out and he's still a constant presence in our locker room. He's a big-time professional guy. He helps bring along the young guys. He's always got a smile on his face. And you know, just watching those games, you know how productive Troy Brown was for so many years. He's a well-respected guy in our locker room."

(on the intercity sports rivalry between Boston and New York)
"I'm from Chicago, so I really don't know. Overall, I've been seeing a lot of this controversy – New York versus Boston, the Red Sox versus the Yankees, and now it's the Patriots against the Giants. They hate us and we don't really care for them, just as well as the Yankees and the Red Sox. It will be interesting to have the two best teams in the National Football League go head-to-head in a heavyweight battle. So we'll see what happens. Hopefully we can end up on top."

(on reports that the Giants wore black suits on the plane to represent a funeral for the end of the 'Patriots Dynasty')
"We're too young. We're not ready to die. We'll see what happens on Sunday."

(on the visual of seeing the Giants exit the plane in black suits)
"A look is just a look. You've still got to execute and you've still got to make plays in between the lines. Talking isn't going to get it done. You'd better strap up and you've got to get ready to play. It's 60 minutes."

(on how special it is for LB Junior Seau to be the player he is at age 39)
"I don't' know how tattered his body is. The guy runs around, he hasn't missed a practice. He's playing phenomenal football. I've seen Junior Seau at 26 and I've seen Junior Seau at 39. There's really no difference in his preparation, in his approach to the game or the way he handles his business. Really if you put a No. 52 or a No. 51 on Junior Seau's back, you don't know if he's 39 or if he's 29, and that's pretty special."

(on if he feels WR Randy Moss will have a breakout game on Sunday after being limited by defenses in the previous two games)
You get used to seeing guys making plays. Sometimes they're not able to make plays because of certain schemes and certain coverages. But at the same time, if they have two guys on him, then someone else is going to be (freed) up. That's the great thing about our offense. We have so many different weapons. It doesn't matter if it's a tight end, a running back, Randy Moss, Jabar Gaffney, Donte' Stallworth or Wes Welker, you can't double-cover everyone."

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