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Rookie Spotlight: CB Christian Morton

Throughout training camp, will take you in a personal tour of the 2004 rookie class so you can get to know them a bit better. We'll hold a Question & Answer session with each rookie about all things – not necessarily football. We caught up recently with cornerback Christian Morton, the Patriots seventh-round draft pick out of the University of Illinois. What is the worst part about training camp?
Morton: Waking up, starting at 6 a.m. in the morning and not getting home until 10 p.m. at night. Tell us how the veterans really treat the rookies.
Morton: We might have to carry a couple of helmets and some shoulder pads, but that's pretty much it. They're a real cool veteran group; they don't really get a kick out of messing with the rookies like that. It's more professional. If you weren't playing football what would you be doing?
Morton: If I wasn't playing football? That's tough to think about. I would probably start a few businesses.



            ** What was the best part about playing at Illinois?**  

Morton: Playing close to home, so my family could come see me. Which actor would play Christian Morton in a movie?
Morton: Denzel Washington. Why Denzel?
Morton: Because I know he's going to win an Academy Award or something. Which actress would be your co-star?
Morton: Probably Gabrielle Union. What's in your CD player right now?
Morton: Anthony Hamilton. Is he your favorite artist?
Morton: No, my favorite artist would probably be Brian McKnight. Who is the biggest talker on the team?
Morton: Fred McCrary, and then Bethel [Johnson]. Two offensive guys. Are they all over the defense or what?
Morton: No, they're just loud. They talk a lot. If you weren't playing cornerback, what other position would you like to play?
Morton: Receiver. Because they can't touch me after five yards. Which players did you most idolize growing up?
Morton: Deion Sanders. I even liked him when I played quarterback. I didn't even play defense until I got to college, but I always liked Deion.



            ** Who was the better cornerback – Deion Sanders or Darrell Green?**  

Morton: They're both tight. You can't really compare them. What other NFL player – outside of the Patriots – would you most like to play with?
Morton: I like Rodney [Harrison]. I've always seen people work hard, and I always say I work really hard, but he's just relentless all the time. His attitude is very contagious, it's positive and aggressive. It must be great then because he's your teammate?
Morton: It's a blessing to be able to practice with him and Tyrone Poole. Those guys are really good. It's a blessing to even be on the same practice field as them, it's like I'm stealing. I'm stealing a lot of great information

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