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Rookie Spotlight: DE Marquise Hill

The latest edition of Rookie Spotlight on caught up with Marquise Hill recently at training camp.

Throughout training camp, will take you in a personal tour of the 2004 rookie class so you can get to know them a bit better. We'll hold a Question & Answer session with each rookie about all things – not necessarily football. We caught up recently with defensive end Marquise Hill, the Patriots second-round draft pick. What was the best part about playing at LSU?
Hill: The fans. It's crazy, I mean we're bigger than the Saints in Louisiana. We get more people and we win more, so being at LSU was a lot of fun. We got to identify with the fans a lot so it was a great experience. You're from New Orleans and you played at LSU. Are you prepared for the New England weather?
Hill: I have relatives from Rochester, New York, so I was up there off and on, so it will be something I have to get adjusted to but it's nothing I can't defeat. If you weren't playing defensive end, what other position would you like to play?
Hill: Probably long snapper. They last forever. What's in your CD player right now?
Hill: Little Wayne. Which players did you most idolize growing up?
Hill: Probably Leonard Marshall. He's an LSU guy. If you weren't playing football what would you be doing?
Hill: Mortician. My grandmother did it off and on and it was my major in college. Which actor would play Marquise Hill in a movie?
Hill: Probably Samuel L. Jackson. Which actress would be your co-star?
Hill: Probably Angela Bassett. She's a good actress. What is the worst part about training camp?
Hill: I guess waking up early, that's it. But the football part, it's fun and it's my job – it's what I do. It's fun just being blessed to be able to play this game again. How many tattoos do you have?
Hill: Six. Which one is your favorite?
Hill: My mom's face. Any more on the way?
Hill: No more. I'm done. Cedric Cobbs says you're the biggest talker on the team. Do you have a rebuttal to that?
Hill: Uh…. Yeah I probably am. I'm the "Mouth of the South" so I talk a lot. What other NFL player – outside of the Patriots – would you most like to play with?
Hill: Oh man. An every down guy… probably Champ Bailey. I just saw him on TV, he played in the SEC and he's a tough guy. He's physical. He comes up to tackle – he's not going to jump around any tackles or make any shoestring tackles. He's going to come up and hit you. Do you have a favorite Mardi gras experiences that you can tell us?
Hill: When they start filming "Girls Gone Wild" down there. It was crazy man. That's Sin City. It was ridiculous.

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