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Rookie Spotlight: RB Cedric Cobbs

The latest edition of Rookie Spotlight caught up with Cedric Cobbs recently at training camp.

Throughout training camp, will take you in a personal tour of the 2004 rookie class so you can get to know them a bit better. We'll hold a Question & Answer session with each rookie about all things – not necessarily football. We caught up recently with running back Cedric Cobbs, the Patriots second of two fourth-round draft picks. If you weren't playing running back, what other position would you like to play?
Cobbs: Probably safety. I definitely can hit, and for my size I would be a really good safety. What was the best part about being an Arkansas Razorback?
Cobbs: I guess having home games. It was really exciting and there's a lot of excitement in the air, especially in Fayetteville. And then when you go down to Little Rock for our other home game it's just as exciting. Just what the fans bring, they bring a lot of different characteristics, and they're real exciting and real talkative and just really loud. I like that. What other NFL player – outside of the Patriots – would you most like to play with?
Cobbs: Probably Jerry Rice. Just to pick up on the little things that he did to stay conditioned and healthy. We've heard you're also an aspiring actor. If you weren't playing football is that what you would be doing?
Cobbs: Yeah I'd probably be out in Los Angeles trying to do all kinds of things. Which actor would play Cedric Cobbs in a movie?
Cobbs: I don't know. That would be hard to say. Okay then. Which actress would be your co-star?
Cobbs: I'd probably have to go with Vivica Fox. She's … you know… a real feminine type model too, so she can definitely pass the test. Did you have any players you idolized growing up?
Cobbs: Yeah Bo Jackson. I idolized him. He was a pure athlete and he pretty much put his talent into whatever he wanted to do, and did it. What's in your CD player right now?
Cobbs: Probably some rap. I can't tell you what's on it, but most likely rap. Have the veterans been cool to you so far?
Cobbs: The veterans are really cool around here. They pretty much have the hospitality [attitude] of "Make yourself at home." There aren't any rookies that get out of hand, so it would be [interesting] to see what would go on if that happens. But everyone is pretty cool, relaxed and laid-back. So you're saying there aren't any rookie pranks?
Cobbs: You get that. There's some rookie stuff we have to do. I guess it's always going to be like that. Who is the biggest talker on the team?
Cobbs: Biggest talker? Actually I think the biggest talker is a rookie: Marquise Hill. He's always has something to say about everything. What is the worst part about training camp?
Cobbs: Just getting used to being at the stadium all day and all night. It's not an all day thing, it's an all day and all night thing. Just getting used to that and getting into shape. And getting used to getting in at 6:30am and leaving at 9:30pm at night.

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