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Rosey future for Pats LBs; Wed. notebook

Former Patriots LB Rosevelt Colvin is back with the team. Hear from him, plus Wes Welker on his return from a devastating hit in the Steelers game and an update from Wednesday's practice.

On his first day back on the job in Foxborough, Rosey Colvinadmitted to feeling ambivalent.

Not because he doesn't want to be here, but because he's simultaneously dealing with some off-the-field issues. He did not elaborate on what those might be.

"Definitely a good opportunity to come back and see some people I have a history with, get a chance to run around, play football for a couple of games," the linebacker told a large group of reporters today.

"I have some personal situations that I'm dealing with, but [football] is what I've known in my life for the last 14 years. And so, either way, I would've been fine, either getting the opportunity or not. I'm thankful for it, and hopefully, I can produce and some good things will come out of it."

The Patriots certainly could use some good news on defense, particularly at linebacker, where they've been without starter Adalius Thomason the outside for the past few weeks. Against the Steelers, his replacement, Pierre Woods, left the game with a mouth injury and never returned.

Colvin, who was released by the Patriots this past off-season, eventually signed with the Houston Texans but did not make the final roster. He said he'd gotten some calls of interest from other teams, but had been out of football ever since. The recent injuries on the Patriots got him thinking he might have a second chance in New England. After some initial discussions, he finally got the call on Monday.

"I wasn't sitting around searching for an opportunity," Colvin continued. "A.D., his inability to play a couple of weeks ago, sort of triggering something on my end that it may be a possibility, but it wasn't there [at that point]. Then this situation with Pierre and a couple of other guys has presented an opening for me. And so, I stand before you today."

Colvin said he's been spending most of this season at home, tending to his family and his UPS stores. The question now is, can Colvin step in and produce immediately for the Patriots?

"I guess I was in good enough shape that they felt comfortable bringing me on," Colvin declared, adding that the foot injury that ended his 2007 season with the Patriots prematurely feels "fine."

The normally loud and fun-loving Colvin appeared a bit more subdued upon his return to the his former team.

"I am content, have been content, with who I am, who I was, and who I continue to be as a football player," he said. "The luxuries and the benefits I had as a player here and the championships ... I wouldn't necessarily say I had something to prove, so it wasn't like I was scratching walls trying to get back into the game.

"It's definitely a benefit and a plus to have the opportunity. I look forward to getting myself ready to go for practice today and try to take it from there."

Wednesday locker room/practice notebook

Welker walking around

WR Wes Welkerspoke to reporters for the first time since leaving the Pittsburgh game after a brain-rattling hit from Steelers safety Ryan Clark.

When asked about the legality of the hit, which happened as a pass sailed wide of Welker and he appeared to be slowing down in his route, Welker stated matter-of-factly, "It was a football play. The ball got tipped, and he made a good play."

A reporter then asked if Welker saw Clark coming on the play.

"Did it look like I saw him?" Welker replied.

Another member of the media wondered aloud if Welker would be ready to go this Sunday in Seattle.

"We'll just have to see," he said.

*Practice update *

In addition to Colvin, who's now wearing jersey number 95 (a reversal of his former 59), the Patriots signed rookie linebacker Angelo Craigto the team's practice squad. Both new players were out on the practice field this afternoon, as was Welker.

Five other players, however, were absent from the start of practice: WR Kelley Washington, LBs Vince Redd, Adalius Thomas, and Pierre Woods, and DL Ty Warren.

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