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Samsonite Make Your Case: Most important player?

Which player has more on the line on Super Bowl Sunday: Tom Brady or Eli Manning? Cast your vote in our Samsonite Make Your Case poll.


The winning quarterback in that game will have greatly added to his legacy, but our burning question this week is:

Which QB has more at stake: Tom Brady or Eli Manning?

Read the arguments from the Patriots Football Weekly writers, then cast your vote in our Samsonite Make Your Case poll.

Erik Scalavino says, "Brady ..."

Right now, Brady is still considered one of the best QBs ever, and certainly one of the best in the game today. However, his recent performances in the playoffs have led many outsiders to question – even just a little – whether or not Brady's early success was simply a fluke. I'm not one of them, mind you, but I've heard enough people raise the subject to believe it is an argument that is gaining traction.

The Giants' Manning has always lived in the shadow of his older brother, Peyton, and his father, Archie. Even though he was a top-ten draft pick, the prevailing perception of Eli has always been that "he's not his older brother." So, if he goes down next Sunday, no big deal ... he was never expected to be that good anyway. Brady, on the other hand, can cement his legacy, winning Super Bowls exactly 10 years apart and becoming one of the handful of QBs who's ever won four rings. That's far more significant than what Manning is chasing.
~ ES

Andy Hart says, "Manning ..."

Eli Manning had a great regular season and already has one Super Bowl ring. But plenty of quarterbacks have won a single Super Bowl and had great seasons. Right now Manning is essentially Mark Rypien. But with another Super Bowl title, possibly another MVP in the biggest game in the world, Manning would establish himself as an elite passer in today's game and be worthy of inclusion in discussions in historic context.

If he can outplay Brady , who is already Canton-bound and included among the best to ever play the game, Manning moves from second tier to top billing. Right now Eli isn't even the best quarterback in his own family, but a win on Sunday moves him past Peyton in Super Bowl rings and into the hierarchy of multi-time champs. He has a long career ahead of him, but Manning has a lot on the line.
~ AH

Your turn! Cast your vote in this week's Samsonite Make Your Case poll.

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