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Second 'Tom vs. Time' focuses on the 'mental game'

The second installment of "Tom vs. Time" dropped on Sunday.

The first episode of "Tom vs. Time" premiered last week, and it brought viewers behind-the-scenes of Tom Brady's preparations for the season on the field. The second episode entitled, "The Mental Game," explores just that -- the mental side of football. 

Tom dropped the second installment of the docu-series on Sunday afternoon, and it opens with a training session in Los Angeles this summer, alongside quarterback coach Tom House and Julian Edelman. As he works to perfect his form, Coach House said the smallest errors feel much larger to athletes of Tom's level. 

"You realize this is like nothing, but it's big to him," Coach House said. "Tom and some of these other elite quarterbacks, they don't come in to get 5 percent better. They come in to get 1 percent better."

That sets the stage for Tom's focus when it comes to watching film. It's well known that Tom is studious and diligent when it comes to preparing for his opponents. It's what makes him the GOAT.

"I could literally like watch film all day. It's almost like soothing because I've been doing it so long," he said. "I can go four, five hours without getting up from this chair."

This dedication to the part of preparing that others might find tedious is a labor of love for Tom. For him, processing the information, the body language and the movements of opponent's has always been easier than running or lifting, he said.

The documentary crew goes inside the process with Tom, watching along as he clicks through his archives, including the Super Bowl XXXVI win over the Rams and the loss against the Giants in Super Bowl XLII.

"This is painful just clicking on it. This one's still painful," Tom said. 

This, of course, is just a fraction of what the episode covers. You can check out the entire second installment below.

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