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Seymour speaks at ring ceremony

Richard Seymour felt it was important that he join his teammates at the Patriots Super Bowl ring celebration held Sunday night at Robert Kraft's Brtookline, Mass., home. The following is a quick Q&A with the three-time Pro Bowler.



]()Richard Seymour addressed the media after receiving his Super Bowl XXXIX championship ring at a Sunday night.

Seymour: I wanted to be with my teammates and they wanted me here. I'm not discussing my current situation. I want to remain a professional as I've always been. I'm here to celebrate as a champion and hopefully we can celebrate again.

Question: Is this a ring you're likely to wear or do these things go up on shelves?
Seymour: I think it's a combination. I had this ring kind of sized for my pinky. I had the middle finger and the ring finger and I have this one for the pinky. Hopefully I'll be able to add some more fingers.

Question: What do you want people to know about where you are [in terms of you missing the mini-camp]?
Seymour: I love the organization. It's just … that's just what it is. Nothing more, nothing less. I love the fans here in New England. That's what it is.

Question: You've never spoken about your contract. There has always been speculation, but you've never spoken publicly …
Seymour: I won't speak about my contract.

Question: But you skipping mini-camp was surprising. Do you have any comment on that?
Seymour: No comment.

Question: Inaudible
Seymour: I love everybody. I love my teammates. I love the organization. Ultimately, like I said, hopefully we can get another ring. That's my ultimate goal. I want to be the best at what I do and I know the organization wants to be the best at what they do. That's where we are at this point.

Question: How important was it to be here tonight?
Seymour: Very important. I know how to separate things. I wanted to be here with my teammates. That's what it is. I love my teammates and my teammates love me. That's what it is.

Question: Was it tough sitting out mini-camp knowing the guys … inaudible?
Seymour: I want to be everywhere. That's just what it is. I want to be everywhere. It's a night of champions. It's a night to celebrate. We're here to celebrate. It's an awesome time. The Krafts put on an awesome event here at their house. I thanked Mr. Kraft for the hospitality. It's just awesome. Hopefully we can make it an annual event.

Question: Do you feel blessed to be part of this organization?
Seymour: Of course. I feel blessed to be in the National Football League. That's been a childhood dream of mine. Like I said, it's a night of champions. That's what I always want it to be and that's what I am: a champion.

Question: Was it tough to decide not to go to camp?
Seymour: I'm not answering those questions. It wasn't tough for me to decide to be here [tonight].

Question: Why don't you want to answer those questions?
Seymour: Because I'm not. I'm a man of my word. I'm not going to answer those questions.

Question: Offseason stuff continues into next week …
Seymour: I'm going to continue to stay in shape. I pride myself … I don't know if pride is the right word to use, but I love being in tip-top shape and being able top play at a high level, at an elite level, and I'm going to continue to do that.

Question: Any concerns about backlash from the fans?
Seymour: You know. I don't know. I don't have any concerns at this point. I'm happy with my life. I'm happy with my family and with my kids and I think that's the most important thing at this point. Football is just something that I do.

Question: Has it cross your mind that you may not be a Patriot down the road?
Seymour: A lot of things cross my mind. I'm not entertaining those questions about anything. I think my main focus is on this night of champions and that's the way I'm going to conduct myself.

Question: What about the report that you would sit out the season?
Seymour: I haven't said anything to you guys. So I remain that way. I'm speaking from the horse's mouth. I heard reports about what I said -- this, that and the other. But you're hearing it live right now. I never said anything about anything and that's the way I remain. I'm here with my teammates and that's the most important thing. I love my teammates and my teammates love me. Like I said, it's a night of champions and I'm a champion. My teammates are champions and hopefully we can continue to be champions. That's what it is.

Question: Will you attend training camp without a new contract?
Seymour: Thank you guys.

Question: Is that a no comment?
Seymour: Thank you. The ring is nice.

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