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Shaun Ellis Interview Transcript

Patriots DE Shaun Ellis addresses the media during his post-practice interview on Monday, August 8, 2011.

Q: What are your thoughts on joining the Patriots?

SE: It's good. You know, it feels like home. It feels like a place that's all about winning, like they have been [winning]. I'm just happy to be a part of it.

Q: You had a home for the last 11 years, what led to the decision to change?

SE: Basically, a lot of things went down. The Jets felt like they wanted to go in a different direction and I made the best decision that was best for me and my family and I chose to come here.

Q: Was it jarring to hear the Jets wanted to go in a different direction and basically offered you the minimum?

SE: Yeah it was. But it's a business. It's the nature of this sport. I accepted it and found a new home.

Q: What have been your observations of the rivalry?

SE: It's just the same - I'm just on the other side now. [There were] definitely a lot of battles over the years and I'm a Patriot now and I'm happy to be a Patriot and I'm just ready to get started.

Q: What were some of your thoughts before you became a Patriot?

SE: [The] first thing that comes to mind is winning, you know, championships. I don't have one and I want to get one before it's all said and done. This is the best opportunity for me to do it and I joined and I'm ready to get in line with the rest of the guys and play my role.

Q: What kind of immediate impact do you think you'll make as a Patriot?

SE: Immediately, just come in, my presence, be able to push the pocket as well with Albert [Haynesworth] and Vince [Wilfork] and a couple of guys on defense and just see what happens.

Q: It's a pretty remarkable assemblage of talent. There's a lot of good players, are you all going to be able to get out there and do some damage?

SE: I hope so, that's the goal, going in each and every week -- go out there and play our best every week go after the quarterback and cause a lot of havoc, hopefully we're able to get that done.

Q: 3-4 or 4-3? Which do you feel has been better suited to your abilities?

SE: I've played all of them. So to me it doesn't matter. I feel like I can play all positions - I line up all positions so I've been doing it my whole career, it's natural.

Q: How many different systems have you been in?

SE: At least six.

Q: What system do you feel most comfortable in?

SE: 4-3.

Q: Have they talked to you about what type of system you'll be in here in New England?

SE: No, not really. I'm just learning the playbook. Vince [Wilfork] told me to learn the playbook and get out there and start practicing and he'll figure all the rest out, just leave it to him.

Q: When do you hope to get out there and practice?

SE: Soon, soon. They just wanted to do some more conditioning things and be ready to go.

Q: Have you taken the conditioning test yet?

SE: No, not yet.

Q: Rex Ryan said some very Rex-like things when he found out you signed here. He wished you health but didn't wish you well. What are your thoughts?

SE: It's Rex. I'd like to say I wish him well and I wish him all the success. It's just how it is.

Q: Do you wish him well?

SE: I do. I have a lot of respect for the guy, obviously it seems like it's not mutual, but I respect him.

Q: How much disappointment and bitterness do you feel toward the Jets? That has to feel just not right?

SE: Yeah, I mean, when you look at it that away from an emotional standpoint, yeah it was. But you have to look at it as a business as well. They have a choice of going after the guys they feel like they need or they want to surround their team around and I just wasn't in their plan. Like I said, I'm a Patriot now, I'm part of this plan and I'm going to go out there and play my best.

Q: Obviously there's a rivalry between the Jets and Patriots. Is there extra motivation for when you play the Jets?

SE: I think the extra motivation comes when you play any team. Each win is hard to come by, so as many wins as you can rack up, the better. Against the Jets, yeah that puts a little bit of icing on the cake, it does. But overall, the goal, does it make the season? No, it doesn't. So for us it's one game at a time and try to get to the ultimate prize at the end.

Q: Did you receive interest from other teams besides the Patriots and the Jets?

SE: Yeah.

Q: Is it that easy to flip the switch? Is it really that much of a business that you can easily go from green to blue?

SE: Guys change teams all the time. I've just been fortunate enough to play 11 years with the Jets. I had a great time, a great experience. It's just one of those things when it's time to move on, you have to move on. I've found a new home here and guys have welcomed me in. I was kind of a little hesitant at first, a little weird feelings, but once I got in here they made me feel like a weapon. Is it easy? Yeah it is.

Q: What did you use to think of the Patriots?

SE: After 11 years, it's a team that was always the top of the division, still is today. Me playing against them for 11 years, of course you built up a little kind of hatred toward the Patriots over the 11 years. I understand what it takes to be champion and they've been doing it and I have been wanting to feel that feeling for however long so hopefully the time has come.

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