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Shea McClellin tweets perfect gif for NFL rule change

Photo by David Silverman 

In his first year with the Patriots, Shea McClellin more than proved his athleticism, and when looking back at his top moments of the season, one soars above the rest. 

When Shea leapt over the Ravens line to block a field goal attempt during Monday Night Football, the Patriots and the team's fans went nuts. He even cleared the line during the Super Bowl, too, but that play was called back, and though Patriots fans loved watching Shea jump opposing players as if they were hurdles, this week the NFL passed a new rule that bans such leaps. 

While this was done for player safety, Shea managed to find some humor in the elimination of the trick up his sleeve. With a simple tweet channeling Michael Scott of "The Office," the linebacker said all he needed to say. 

There is truly a perfect gif from "The Office" for every situation and emotion, and Shea is well versed in show, judging from his Twitter feed.

"'You miss 100 percent of the gifs you don't tweet. - Wayne Gretsky' - Michael Scott" - Shea McClellin. 

Feel free to reminisce and check out Shea's last successful field goal block in the video below. 


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