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Son surprises dad with Super Bowl ring

When a high school senior won the Patriots Foundation's Super Bowl Ring Raffle, he knew exactly who he wanted to give the prize to.

Photo by David Silverman

Shopping for Christmas gifts for your family is never easy, and for Matt LeBlanc, a high school senior, shopping for his dad just got even more difficult. There is no way he can top this year's gift.

Matt entered the Patriots Foundation's Super Bowl Ring Raffle, but instead of keeping the personalized ring for himself, he wanted to surprise his dad, Steve, with the ultimate present.

And on the sidelines of the Patriots Christmas Eve game with some help from Robert Kraft, he did just that.

Matt and his two uncles told Steve they had won tickets to the game, as well as passes to watch pregame warmups on the field. It was exciting, but it wasn't until Mr. Kraft walked over that Steve suspected anything.

"It's an overwhelming surprise. I had no idea. Well, I thought we were just coming to a game, luckily, on Christmas Eve. I had no idea," Steve said. "I almost said no [to going to the game]. It was a total surprise."

Matt entered the raffle because he thought it would make a perfect going away gift for his dad. Matt is planning to enlist in the Air Force after graduation, and it worked better than he could have ever imagined. It was difficult to keep it a secret the week leading up to the game.

"I'm surprised he didn't catch on earlier because I was dancing the whole entire time after I got the phone call, saying I won a Super Bowl ring," Matt said. "It was really difficult, but luckily my uncle helped me pull it off."

He did pull it off. Steve was blown away by his son's surprise and said he plans to wear his new Super Bowl ring everywhere, every day. 

"This kid is the best. I love this kid," Steve said of his son. "I couldn't have asked for a better kid in the world."

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