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Sony Michel teases Super Bowl rap on Instagram

In an Instagram post, Sony Michel teases a new rap. 

This might be news to some in Patriots Nation, but Sony Michel isn't just a Super Bowl champion running back.

In his spare time, Sony also raps under the name FlyGuy2Stackz. Since his Georgia days, Sony has been creating music in his down time, and after the Patriots sixth Super Bowl win in franchise history, FlyGuy2Stackz returned.

Sony posted a video to Instagram featuring highlights from the season, and if you aren't paying attention, you might think it's just a montage video of his rookie year. Listen to the track, however, and you realize it's Sony laying it down.

Though the untitled track isn't on Spotify or SoundCloud, his teammates were quick to show their support in the comments. Sony replied to David Andrews calling him a rapper, writing, "I'm not a rapper I just rap when I'm bored lol."

Well, this is one hell of a way to kill time. You can check out the teaser for Sony's latest track below.

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