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Spikes bids adieu to New England; Fletcher shopping

Two Patriots free agent linebackers are actively seeking other offers.

Brandon Spikes has often used social media to convey some rather bizarre messages, but there was no mistaking what he meant in his most recent Twitter post this afternoon.

Language like that is pretty clear, and confirms what many of us have suspected for quite some time: that the linebacker wasn't an ideal fit in this system and will not re-sign with New England.

A self-described "non-conformist," Spikes always seemed to stand out among the crowd, be it on the field or off. His enthusiastic celebrations on the field gave the Patriots defense an attitude they often lacked in recent seasons, and his often incomprehensible Tweets made for what some would consider entertainment, but they often put him squarely at odds with the so-called "Patriot Way" of conducting oneself.

In recent days, Spikes has hinted that he and the Patriots were on the verge of parting ways, and today's brief missive from him all but cements that.

Meanwhile, another Patriots free agent linebacker could be entertaining offers. According to a CBS Sports report, Dane Fletcher will visit with Tampa Bay this evening.

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