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Stargazing at NFL Media Day

It was pretty exciting to be a part of NFL Media Day. It was hard getting through all the security, but we still made it into the Dome in time.

G.W. Carver junior linebacker Wilbert Parker spent Tuesday talking to some of the NFL's biggest and brightest stars. Here is his recap of his time at NFL Media Day.

It was pretty exciting to be a part of NFL Media Day. It was hard getting through all the security, but we still made it into the Dome in time. We got there about 15 or 20 minutes before they let all the media onto the field, where the players would be waiting.

Two players I wanted to make sure I talked to were Bryan Cox and London Fletcher, because they play the same position as I do, linebacker. I got to speak with both of them, but I also talked to a bunch of other linebackers and guys at other positions, too.

The atmosphere at media day was crazy. There were reporters left and right, pushing and trying to get to all the players. When the Patriots were out there, Tom Brady and Drew Bledsoe were surrounded the whole time.

Tedy Bruschi with Wilbert
The first person I interviewed was Tedy Bruschi, a linebacker for the Patriots. I was pretty nervous, but he was definitely cool. It helped that he wasn't that much taller than me, it sort of eased my nerves.

Willie McGinest was huge, he's like 6'5", 6'6". And Bryan Cox was very funny. He was crackin' jokes, having fun the whole time.

After the Patriots were done, we went and had some lunch. I saw a whole bunch of people that I missed out on the field: Joe Theismann, Tom Jackson (the great player for the Broncos), Aaron Brooks, Chris Berman and Sean Salisbury from ESPN, and I definitely can't forget Pam Oliver from FOX. There were reporters from all over the world, too, like Spain.

I had lunch with Gil Brandt, the legendary player personnel director of the Dallas Cowboys. From what I hear, he knows about every player out there – pro, college or high school. I was very impressed with his Super Bowl ring.

Marshall Faulk and Wilbert
After lunch we proceeded back onto the field. About 15 or 20 minutes before the media session started, I saw Marshall Faulk coming out of the tunnel. Faulk went to my high school, G.W. Carver. I didn't think he would notice me, but when I went over in his direction, he saw my jersey and came over. He said he saw the jersey I was wearing right away. After he was interviewed by ESPN's Stuart Scott, I got to ask him questions and take a picture with him. He talked to me about how to carry myself on and off the field and about taking care of my academics and doing whatever it takes to graduate and make it to the next level. I was real nervous before I met Marshall, but once I started talking to him, everything went well. Getting to meet him was really cool.

I also talked to Stuart Scott about what it's like being a reporter. He was cool, just telling me how crazy it can be, especially always at media day.

I spoke with Mark Fields right before the session ended. He used to play for the Saints. He talked to me about staying in the weight room. Just by looking at his arms it made my arms feel like little twigs!

I was getting interviewed by all the local news crews, too, asking me how I got chosen to do this and what kind of team we're going to have this upcoming year. I told them we're coming to the Superdome… all the way to the championship!

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