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Stop the presses: Tom Brady joined Instagram

You now have another way to follow TB12.

New year, new social media account. Tom Brady, King of Facebook, has made the move to Instagram, and Patriots Nation is going bananas.

With a post on Saturday afternoon, Tom was welcomed to the world of Instagram. Standing in the midst of a snow storm in a short sleeve shirt, he wrote "You can take the boy out of California... and I think they took the California out of the boy! Instagram is coming..." 

The first 'gram for the G.O.A.T. came with much suspense. In a cryptic post on Thursday night, TB12 revealed he was investigating other social media platforms. In the picture posted to Facebook, Tom showed his latest Google search was for a new social media platform, and he followed it up on Friday with a picture of hats with the logos of four potential platforms he could join: Snapchat, MySpace, Twitter and Instagram.

The social media selection was live on Facebook Saturday afternoon, and with Patriots Nation at the edge of its collective seat, Tom made his final choice. Though he toyed with the MySpace cap for a second or two, he ultimately grabbed the blue Instagram hat.

"After thinking it through, I've chosen ... Instagram," Tom said in the video. "Have a good day! Acutally follow me @TomBrady. Go Pats! Enjoy the games today."

And in true Tom fashion, he added an enthusiastic,"Let's go!" 

It's safe to say, Patriots fans everywhere are excited for another way to follow their quarterback. Before Tom even posted to his account, he had more than 160,000 followers.

Tom's reign on Facebook has been unwavering, from witty editions of the "TB Times" to “absolutely not Photoshopped” pictures to epic videos. With another outlet for the quarterback to express his creative (and comical) side, Patriots Nation is waiting eagerly to see what his Instagram account has in store.

The Internet nearly broke when Gronk posted his first Instagram in March. But what can we say, the Patriots have a flair for big entrances.

You can follow Tom's Instagram adventures here.


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