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Tavon Wilson Interview Transcript


Q: How has this day been going for you? How have things been since you were drafted last night?  

TW: It's been crazy but it's been everything I could ever want. I'm with a great organization. I got out here this morning and just meeting the coaches and getting to know people within the organization.  

Q: Did you come from Washington, D.C. or Chicago?  

TW: D.C.  

Q: How has it been meeting the coaches?  

TW:  It's been great. You can tell why they're successful here. I'm just looking forward to contributing where I can and doing whatever I'm asked to do.  

Q: Did you see all kinds of receivers in the Big Ten?  

TW: Yeah, we played a lot of good out-of-conference games also. The Big Ten had more big receivers and out-of-conference had more fast guys so I've pretty much played all types of guys.  

Q: So you can adjust your game quickly?  

TW: Yes, sir.  

Q: Coach Belichick praised your versatility. Do you feel that's one of your biggest strengths, that you can play a number of positions?  

TW: Most definitely. The more you can do, the better you're going to be. I just come in, play special teams, be the best whatever position they play me as; just try to be the best I can.  

Q: Can you describe your mindset on special teams? Are you one of those guys that bangs his head?  

TW: No, that's not me at all. I love to play special teams. It's a part of the game. I played it in college, I love to do it and I'm going to do it here, too.  

Q: Were you mostly cover?  

TW: I played kickoff, I was the hold-up guy on punt, I was a gunner on punt team, so I've pretty much played all of it.  

Q: Does anything stick out to you about this facility? Surprising? Overwhelming?  

TW: It's beautiful – how everything is right here is so amazing.  

Q: What did the coaches have to say to you? Did you meet with Coach Belichick and the secondary coach?  

TW: They just got to know me a little bit. It's my first time here so they're just basically getting to know me.  

Q: Did you meet any players?  

TW: Yes, I met Ras-I Dowling, the cornerback – that's the only one I've met so far.  

Q: Did he have any advice for you?  

TW: He just told me to come in, work my tail off and if I need any help with anything to let him know.  

Q: Who are some NFL defensive players that you always watch?  

TW: I watch all of them. I don't try to compare myself to anyone. I just try to be the best player Tavon can be. That's something I've been trying to do ever since I've been playing the game.  

Q: How surprised were you to get the call yesterday?  

TW: I was excited. I heard things all over the place but I was excited that they believed in me at that pick.  

Q: So you don't mind playing in cold weather?  

TW: No, not at all. Champaign, Illinois where we play at is pretty cold.  

Q: Does it do anything for you that this particular team would have that kind of belief and faith in you in the second round?  

TW: Most definitely. When you look at the players here, you can tell why they're a great organization and how they stick together. You can just tell when you watch Patriot football. This is just a great opportunity for me. I'm excited to be part of this organization.  

Q: How would you describe yourself as a player?  

TW: Hard worker, versatile player, smart, those things I take pride in. I feel like I fly around on the field – all those things I take pride in.  

Q: How long have you dreamed of playing in the NFL?  

TW: Forever, ever since I started playing football when I was nine.  

Q: What's the first thing you're going to buy your grandmother?  

TW: Whatever she wants. She's a strong, strong woman. Whatever she wants I'm going to try to get for her.  

Q: Is it true that you have a great-great grandparent who lived into their 100s?  

TW: Yeah, she's 112. She's still living.  

Q: What's her name?  

TW: Eddye Williams.  

Q: Where is she living?  

TW: In D.C.  

Q: Do you get any inspiration from that?  

TW: Yeah it's real fun because she's still… she can walk around and stuff and talk and all that. It's just fun to be around her; she's still a funny woman.  

Q: Is she a big football fan?  

TW: Yeah. She's kind of losing her sight a little bit but she tries to watch me.  

Q: Were you a big Redskins disciple growing up?  

TW: No. I've never really had an NFL team. I just loved watching the game.

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