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Te'o shines in tough Combine spotlight

The lasting impression Notre Dame linebacker Manti Te'o left the media with, was an impressive one.


Notre Dame linebacker Manti Te'o finished up a nearly 15-minute press conference at the Combine today. You'll read his various quotes and comments on the web the rest of the day and see his big smiles across SportsCenter and newscasts throughout the night.

The lasting impression he left the media with, was an impressive one. Te'o handled the bright lights and most cameras he's ever seen in a very controlled, believable, polished manner. Sure he had a month to prepare for this day and the questions that teams are asking him in Indy this week, but it was still a very strong execution.

Te'o made it clear that every team has asked him about his fake girlfriend issue and getting caught up in the hoax, but that most teams just want to know they can trust a guy they're going to make an investment in.

I still have my doubts about Te'o's talent and value as a potential first-round inside linebacker. He was very much exposed against Alabama in the national title game. But the way he handled himself on Saturday, and likely the way he's handling himself in team interviews, has to make everyone feel better about his character and makeup.

In my opinion Te'o hit a homerun in his Combine press conference.

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