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The New England Patriots Receive Super Bowl XXXVI Championship Rings Crafted by Jostens

BOSTON, June 9, 2002– Members of the New England Patriots Super Bowl XXXVI team received their championship rings tonight during an event at the Boston Harbor Hotel in Boston.


Super Bowl XXXVI Ring* Related Jewelry Collection*
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![]( Deluxe Patriots Pin: The top of the Super Bowl ring has been recreated as a pin with all the shine and sparkles as the original. If you have a pin collection, you'll want this one. $35.
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BOSTON, June 9, 2002– Members of the New England Patriots Super Bowl XXXVI team received their championship rings tonight during an event at the Boston Harbor Hotel in Boston.

Manufactured by Jostens, the Patriots' championship ring is cast in 14-Karat white gold. Encircling the bezel (or top) are 42 diamonds, denoting the team's 42nd anniversary, and the inscription "World Champions." In addition, two larger football-shaped diamonds are positioned on each side of the bezel representing the Patriots' two previous Super Bowl game appearances. The top of the ring features the Patriots logo that presents a special cut red garnet and a blue sapphire surrounded with diamonds. The logo overlays a sculpted Lombardi Trophy produced in brilliant platinum and embellished with a large marquis diamond and two tapered baguette diamonds. Both are positioned atop a diamond covered platinum gridiron.

Player names and numbers are raised on the left shank (or side) of the ring. Also, a platinum Patriots helmet is positioned on an American flag along with the Patriots season record (14-5). The word "TEAM" is engraved on a lower chevron. The right shank features the Super Bowl XXXVI logo, the score of the game and a sculpted image of former Foxboro Stadium above the inscription "U.S.A."

The ring weights 48 pennyweight and features approximately 143 diamonds.

"Jostens is proud to have crafted the New England Patriots' Super Bowl rings," said Al Nuness, Jostens' vice president of sports sales. "They are truly symbolic of one of sports ultimate achievements."

Jostens produces customized awards presented to champion athletes worldwide, including Olympic medals, trophies and rings for champions of the NCAA, NBA, NFL, NHL and Major League Baseball. Including this year's Patriots' ring, Jostens has crafted 24 of 36 Super Bowl Championship rings.

Jostens is a leading provider of products, programs and services that help people celebrate important moments, recognize achievements and build affiliations. The company's products include yearbooks, class rings, graduation products, school photography, and sports achievement awards.

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