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Tim Tebow is available!

Tim Tebow is available again. Could he finally land with the Patriots this time around?


After a disappointing season in New York, the Jets have officially parted ways with backup quarterbackTim Tebow.

While that's no surprise given the former Heisman winner's lack of impact on Gang Green last fall, it does create discussion about where Tebow might land in his next stop in the NFL. If there is another stop in the NFL.

Closer to home, the question is whether Tebow might be welcomed with open arms in New England. After all, Bill Belichick was always one of Tebow's biggest fans when the quarterback was putting together one of the most impressive careers in college football history at Florida. And it's important to point out that current Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels was the guy who selected Tebow with a first-round pick in Denver in 2010.

If Tebow were to land in New England, it would give McDaniels to try to salvage what now looks like a pretty putrid waste of a first-round pick with the Broncos.

Those two factors alone make it worth at least discussing that Tebow – one of the true lightning rods of debate in all of sports – might end up in New England. Some say Tebow just wins. Others (that would be me!) say he can't throw and isn't a quarterback.

Because he's a not a vested veteran, Tebow must go through waivers after playing just 72 snaps with the Jets last fall. Tebow reportedly had permission to seek a trade this spring, and according to Adam Schefter at least one team asked the backup quarterback if he would be willing to play tight end, but he told them he was not.

If Tebow isn't willing to play other positions, then his NFL career may be over. He's a sub-par passer, despite his supposed "winning ways" in Denver.

But if he's willing to be a jack-of-all-trades maybe his coaching friends in Belichick and McDaniels could find a home for him in New England.

The final two years of Tebow's rookie contract carry salaries of $1.055 and $895,000 for the next two seasons. It seems unlikely that any team will claim him off waivers, so he's expected to become an unrestricted free agent.

Should the Patriots go after Tebow? Will the Patriots go after Tebow? Let us know with a comment below!

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