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Titans Post-Game Quotes

Frank Wycheck, Tight EndiOn feeling of disbelief in locker room)It’s just not fair. These guys put in too much hard work and too much dedication to have it end so abruptly.

Frank Wycheck, Tight End
iOn feeling of disbelief in locker room)
It's just not fair. These guys put in too much hard work and too much dedication to have it end so abruptly. It was a tough game, but every guy in this locker room thought we were going to pull it out. It's just heartbreaking. I'm so proud of this team for the way we fought back and never quit. It's unfortunate we didn't come out and win.
iOn mistakes and penalties)
To have those in that situation is just ridiculous to me.

Brad Hopkins, Tackle
iOn overall game)
It was hard, we put our hearts into it, but it comes down to making big plays and they made more of them. We absolutely thought we would win. You saw it all year that we could come back and finish in the stretch.

Drew Bennett, Wide Receiver
iOn dropped pass)
That was a tough way to end it. I should have made that play, but I didn't. It was a go route and Steve put it up there perfectly. It hit both of my hands. I out-jumped the DB and I just didn't make the play. In the huddle, we talked about someone making a play, someone needed to step up. I had the chance, but I just didn't catch it. He put it right there for me too.

Zach Piller, Guard
iOn losing)
I think we are the best team in the NFL and I stick by that. I don't think anything could have stopped us, but we hurt ourselves. I believe in the guys in this locker room. I was proud of us and I will not leave this stadium thinking we got beat by a better team. I think that that team, is not a very good team and it sickens me that we lost to them. We got a blocked field goal, and I don't know what happened. This is the playoffs. You've got to score and we didn't get anything out of the first two opportunities. It just wasn't our day.

Benji Olson, Guard
iAbout penalties)
I didn't hold him I just threw him to the ground. It had nothing to do with the play. The ball was probably gone before I even threw him down.

iAsked if game was stolen from Titans)
Yeah! We just fell apart.

Samari Rolle, Cornerback
iAbout the game plan)
We were not trying to keep things close, we were trying to win. Offensively, we were not worried about them putting up 38 points on us like they did last time. We were full strength and it's the playoffs. It was a hard fought game.

Lance Shulters, Safety
iOn losing)
I'm disappointed, I thought we were the better team, but that means nothing, because they got the win.

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