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Titans Postgame Quotes

Players from the Tennessee Titans comment on their 59-0 loss to the New England Patriots at Gillette Stadium on Sunday, October 18, 2009.

Chris Johnson, Running Back
(On the game)

"We had too many turnovers. What did we have, like five turnovers? And then we didn't put any points on the board on offense. Any time you do that against a team like the Patriots it is not a very good outcome."

(On whether the Titans have hit rock bottom)
"I would have to say it is, 59-0 and zero and six, that's what it is. There isn't anything else you can say."

Keith Bulluck, Linebacker
(On the game)

"I have been playing sports since I was 8, and never in any sport have I experienced anything like this. I guess the problem was we could not stop them; we kept giving them the ball on turnovers. It seemed like whatever they dialed up was working and a couple of times they had great calls for whatever we called."

(On whether the effort was there)

"I would say the effort was there. I haven't looked at the films to pinpoint things, but effort was definitely there. Guys that got hurt were going back in.

(On going from 10-0 last year to 0-6)

"By the sixth game of the season, we are past last year's 10-0 and we were trying to figure that out after 0-2. Right now we are in a situation that we put ourselves in, and as men, I think this bye week will be good for some people. We can get away and get healthy. As men we will have to come back and understand what we have to do. The season is not over, there are 10 games left, and I plan to play ten games all out."

Tony Brown, Defensive Tackle
(On Tom Brady)

"We knew coming into this game that he didn't look like he has had any knee surgery. He is comfortable back there and his offensive line and his receivers did a great job for him today. "

(On the score)

"They were just running their plays and it just so happens that they were working. It is up to us as a defense to stop them and we just couldn't get them stopped when we needed to. I wouldn't say it is embarrassing, I would say disappointing. Coming to this game we didn't think we would get this many points put up on us and we worked hard all week. I would say disappointing more than embarrassing."

Ryan Mouton, Cornerback
(On the game)

"I would say we just didn't execute. You got to keep your feet and there is no such thing as giving up. You have to keep your feet and just keep going out there and make a play. "

Javon Ringer, Running Back
(On getting playing time)

"I felt good. My only difficulty was just the traction on the grass. On my cutting, I had nothing because there was so much ice. I had nothing. I just wanted to make sure I kept my feet under me. I couldn't cut the way I wanted to. Other than that, I was going to go out there, but it wasn't the way I wanted it. Any little experience, anything, helps."

(On the weather)

"I am from Dayton, Ohio. I am used to it, but usually I would be more prepared, get some longer spikes or something."

David Stewart, Tackle
(On what went wrong)

"No idea. We have got to keep digging. That is all we can do, keep digging."

Eugene Amano, Guard
(On bouncing back)

"Luckily, the bye week come at a great time. We can try to re-group ourselves and try to get away and come back hungrier. I have never witnessed anything like this. We have just got to get better. That is all we can do. We can never give up. I know the guys in this locker room won't."

(On the weather)

"That is just an excuse and I am not going to say it affected us. You have to come out and play hard. We can't control the weather."

Ahmard Hall, Fullback(On being shut out)

"As an offense, to not put up any points at all is tough. At halftime we made some adjustments and broke some big runs, but to not put up any points, I don't have any answers for you. "

(On how hard it is to have pride after this game)

"That is all you have is your pride. When your 0-6 and you score no points as an offense, that is all your playing with is pride. If you don't have pride, you don't have anything."

(On effort being where it needs to be)

"I wouldn't say there was a lack of effort. That's a good team. I wouldn't say it was a lack of effort. The guys are playing as hard as they can, that was just a better team out there today."

Kyle Vanden Bosch, Defensive End
(On playing conditions)

"There's a lot of situations you prepare for. This is just one of those things you have to adjust and try to adapt. The footing was no good, but that goes both ways. We just had too many mistakes and some of it was footing, but it all falls back on us."

(On emotions after a loss like this)

"This team has a lot of pride. I think we are just making mistakes and a good team doesn't do that. I have a 'C' on my chest and I have to try and help get this thing turned around."

Bo Scaife, Tight End
(On dropped passes)

"We're just not playing very well right now."

(On whether the Patriots are 59 points better than the Titans)

"I don't think anybody in this league is 59 points better than us. We're just not playing good and this is the worst it gets right here. We just have to regroup and come back and start over."

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