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Tom Brady and his pups recreate 'The Lion King'

The Patriots QB brings his A game with a fun new Facebook video.

Earlier this week, Gisele Bundchen introduced the world to the newest member of the Brady family, an adorable dog named Fluffy that was adopted from a Los Angeles rescue. Along with the photo she shared, Gisele wrote, "The kids are over the moon."

But the couple's children, Benjamin and Vivian, aren't the only ones who are having fun with their new four-legged friend. Today, TB12 shared a video of him and Fluffy recreating the famous scene from "The Lion King" when Rafiki lifts Simba up to the sky.

With "Circle of Life" playing in the background, Tom is Rafiki, the wise old shaman of the animal kingdom. Meanwhile, Fluffy takes on the role of Simba, and the Brady family's other pups, Lua and Scooby, look on, just like Simba's parents do in the classic film.

It might be the offseason, but Tom's Facebook game is still on point. In addition to this latest video, he's posted tributes to his family and **photos from his travels**


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