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Tom Brady Post Game

Brady: I think there were some opportunities there for us and I think offensively we have just got to do a better job.

TB: What's up, guys? How are we doing?

**Q: Tom, is this a case of mistake free football being kind of more important than statistical football?

TB:** Yes. I certainly didn't think we wrapped up many statistics. But there weren't a lot of mistakes. I think there were some opportunities there for us and I think offensively we have just got to do a better job. You know, maybe some attention to detail. But like you said, there wasn't many mistakes and I think a lot of times we play to the score and we were winning and it was a good win, man. I mean 11 and two is nothing to be ashamed by. I think everyone is real proud of that record.

**Q: Even though you have done it before this year, did you figure you could win without scoring a touchdown offensively, I should say, an offensive touchdown?

TB:** No, I mean I didn't. But we did so…

**Q: Can you compare playing in these elements to playing in the Oakland game two years ago?

TB:** Oakland? Pretty different. You know, this field was really soft. That field was frozen. And obviously, a lot more snow. But it probably looked the same for the TV cameras, you know, that is Foxborough weather. You know what, that is weather in the northeast.

**Q: Was one more difficult than the other?

TB:** I think the wind today was probably a little tougher than it was at the Oakland game. But I would say today was probably tougher.

**Q: What was your reaction when you saw the fans throw the snow up in the air? Did you see it?

TB:** Yes, man, you couldn't miss that. That was pretty cool. That was, you know, we have got great fans and they are into it. And you know, after that interception for the touchdown, that really got everyone into it. And just a lot of excitement. I am sure it is pretty exciting for the fans to be a part of that one and, you know, I think, you know, hopefully, there are some more second ones down the road. We have obviously made the playoffs at this point and clinched the nice seed. So I think everything is ahead of us and I think we have just got to continue to get better as a team. When the defense is doing a great job, and I think offensively we have got to try to match their, you know, match their attention to detail.

**Q: Tom, can you just comment on the play of Tedy Bruschi?

TB:** Yes. Tedy is an unbelievable player. He does that every week. I mean he makes great plays and he is always in the heart of the action. He is responsible for a lot of calls. He was really the player that I looked up to when I got there and I still do because he always plays so consistently and always so well.

**Q: Tom, what were the conditions like today for you?

TB:** It was cold and windy and a little bit blustery, but I don't think it affected the throwing much at all. Maybe the kicking more so. I thought the conditions were actually worse when you are looking at all the weather reports with 25 to 35 mile an hour winds. I don't think it was that bad. Nothing that we haven't really practiced in.

**Q: Well, did you see the fans throwing the snow up in the air?

TB:** Yes. That was real cool.

**Q: Crazy people who sit out there, right?

TB:** I think everybody was going to be crazy up there and everyone was having fun enjoying it. We won, what was it? Nine straight now? Nine straight.

**Q: Ten out of 11, but who's counting?

TB:** That is right. Ten out of 11 ain't too bad.

**Q: Tom, you know how hard it is to win sort of day in and day out. How come the fact of the streak, you guys are seven and zero against winning teams? That is almost unheard of in the NFL.

TB:** I think we are proud of that. We have proved we can win on the road too against good teams. Hopefully, we don't have to go on the road too much more. We have to go to the Jets. They are a good team. That will be a dogfight. We have still three games left and it is nice to celebrate a division title, but at the same time there is a little bit of… it is really the fact that we have our goals still ahead of us.

**Q: But part of that quote, you talked about not going on the road anymore, well, you talk about one game at a time, you take it one game at a time and one out, you have got the number one seed in the conference. How important is that as a motivator

TB:** Well, you always kind of, you can't win that this week. We can't win that against Jacksonville. I think we will worry about that when the time comes. We have to take care of our wins and take care of the teams we play. And you can't win two games in one week or three games in one week. So we are playing a good Jacksonville team and that would put us in a better position.

**Q: I don't know if this was asked before but how much punting experience do you have?

TB:** Man, I was waiting for that to happen. I was waiting for coach to call that. We worked on that this week and funny how it came up. And just trying to get the ball off, make sure it wasn't blocked, and I think it took a nice bounce for me.

**Q: But how much did you punt in high school?

TB:** Yes. I punted in high school and I did a similar type thing in college, you know that quick kick like that so I have done it a little bit.

**Q: So you are going out lobbying to be a single wing tailback now?

TB:** No chance, no chance. You guys have seen the limits of my abilities.

**Q: When the coach told you that you might be punting this week, what was your response, what did you say?

TB:** I thought it was a joke at first. And then the one day we did it, it was the first time we did it in practice, we just scripted it into the practice and we were kicking into the wind. And the first one, you know, I almost kicked Joe [Andruzzi] in the butt with the ball. The ball went about eight yards and I think that wasn't a very good audition right there. The next time I kicked it about 20 yards. And we got in the third quarter and the coach said to me would I be ready with a quick kick and I said yes. I was just trying to get the ball over the safety's head.

**Q: Did you have a tough time gripping the ball when you were throwing it today?

TB:** Not really. Not really at all actually. The conditions were fine to throw. It wasn't a big deal throwing.

**Q: Tom, if you go back a couple of years ago when you guys won the Super Bowl and the respect factor, everybody talked about that the whole year. You guys are 11-2 now. Do you think the respect factor is there this year for this Pats team nationally?

TB:** Yes, I mean I think teams respect us. I think teams respect our coaching and the situational stuff we do really well and defensively, it is hard not to respect those guys. They are pretty unbelievable. I don't think teams care about our offense very much.

**Q: Why do you think that is?

TB:** Because we haven't produced like we would have liked. We haven't really been as disciplined. We haven't scored as many points as we would have liked, converted as many third downs as well in the red zone.

**Q: So they respect you defensively but not offensively?

TB:** I don't think whether they respect us or not, it doesn't matter because when we won the Super Bowl, our offense wasn't stellar by any sense but we did enough to win. And all of us would like to do better and we are working at it. I would like to do it every week and it is something we are working at. But I am proud of the team and I am proud of this team. I am proud of the guys. They have a lot of heart and a lot of fight. And like you said, we find ways to win. And whether we need to drive down the field with hardly any time to score a touchdown, we figure out how to do that. And we hold the lead pretty well too.

**Q: Can you overall assess your overall performance on offense today?

TB:** Yes. I mean I think we moved the ball a little bit at certain times. But we had a bunch of three and outs in a row that wasn't very good. I would say one thing is just kind of we will make a little mistake and it will carry over into one or two plays, and the next thing you know, we are punting. So we are not talented enough to make those little mistakes. And we have got to be on the same page a little bit more. And we are working on that.

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