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Tom Brady Post Game Press Conf Transcript



**Q: How are you feeling? How is that elbow?

TB:** Just fine.

**Q: Just fine. Seriously, they saw you throw the ball, they saw you holding your arm. How hurt are you?

TB:** Honestly, it feels fine. It feels fine. I will be ready to go next week just like I was this week. So I don't think it is any issue.

**Q: How big was this win for you?

TB:** It was as big as any win. From a team like the Jets who have beaten us five straight times up here, you know, it wasn't the prettiest win but we will take it. We just have to continue to play better. We ran the ball great. A lot of guys stepped in and did well when their number was called. We just have to get better.

**Q: Six great running plays to start the game, and that was the game plan right from the get go?

TB:** Yes. We decided to go play a little smash mouth and the guys up front did a great job. The backs ran great, Kevin [Faulk] ran great. Antowain [Smith], he is such a powerful guy, he puts a lot of heat on that defense when he gets downhill and runs hard. And he always does that. It is just something we have to build up.

**Q: Trying to overcome the adversity of the four sacks in the first half –

TB:** Yes. We don't want to take sacks and we don't want it turn the ball over either. So it was big coming out there in the third quarter, scoring. That was a good drive. We just need more drives like that. I think offensively we are capable of doing it. We just have to do it more often.

**Q: Throwing the ball, and then running the ball, a little role reversal there

TB:** Yes, definitely. I don't like running a lot. But Kevin got it. I thought it was close. And the guy made a great play on it to knock it away. He almost picked it. That was the drive we scored on them, that was a good drive. We had them rolling, had it on their holes. We kept it rolling, made a few plays and then got lucky on that, just slow enough to get it in.

**Q: All of a sudden you saw pressure, just go and get what you can get on them.

TB:** Yes. That is the way you drop back, look, first guy, second guy, third guy, and it is like, oh, you know, get going.

**Q: Three different plays I wanted to ask you about. The one was the pass interference that Troy drew in the end zone. Were you looking at the coverage that he had and said if he doesn't catch it, I might be able to catch something?

TB:** I was hoping Troy would run by him. And Troy couldn't fight through him because the guy bumped into him a little bit. That was a huge play.

**Q: And the other two were the fumbles when McGlockton came from behind. Did you feel as though –

TB:** Yes, I mean I am trying to go throw that ball and I thought I was throwing it, but the ref thought different.

**Q: And the other one I wanted to ask about was were you bringing up the ball up to throw it when you had that nice 22-yard gain?

TB:** Yes. That was great. We were throwing the other way on that. We were trying to run a play to Kevin and I think it just slipped out of my hand.

**Q: Is your arm at all being affected?

TB:** No, I don't think that is it. I just think it is not being very being a little careless with it.

**Q: And [Sam] Cowart, was there any pain when Cowart slammed you on that fumble, did that affect the shoulder?

TB:** It is fine. It is fine. Obviously, there is nothing to worry about. There is a lot of guys with bumps and bruises and that is the way this game is. That is not for faint at heart. You have to go with the plays and go with whatever you've got. There are a lot of guys that are banged up. We have to keep fighting through it.

**Q: What is it exactly that you've got there?

TB:** Nothing.

**Q: Optical illusion?

TB:** Yes.

**Q: Laryngitis, is there a word for it?

TB:** No, it is fine. It really is.

**Q: There is no definition? It has no term?

TB:** No. Man, it's my throwing elbow. Keep asking. You will keep getting that same answer.

**Q: Tom, there was a point where it was after the Cowart hit that it looked like you were on the sidelines and Damien Woody had his helmet on, and it looked like he was talking to Charlie. Was there any point when you couldn't come back into the game?

TB:** After that, they just got me in the right spot. They grab it when it is going forward fast, they just stop all the momentum. I went on the sideline, shook it out a little bit. It felt fine.

**Q: You were definitely coming back?

TB:** Yes, I was definitely coming back in.

**Q: You have got Ty Law who is out, actually a series of injuries at first, and Ty's able to talk his way back in. Can you talk about the grit?

TB:** Yes. That is something we have been facing. We have had guys go down. Guys are stepping in trying to make, take advantage of those opportunities. You know, Asante [Samuel] made a great play on that interception. I mean he has done that to me in practice a few times. It was nice to see it happen to some other quarterback. And he also got a second one. So I think when guys are out, other guys have got to step in. And Coach said, you know, you wouldn't be in this room if we didn't think that you could play and contribute so every guy that goes on the field should be able to make plays and contribute to winning football games.

**Q: And a guy like Ty Law who is obviously one of the leaders on this team, to really fight back and get back in and make plays when he gets back in, not playing 100 percent, what does that do for the rest of the team?

TB:** Yes, I mean that is big. I mean that is a guy like that who is in it looked like it was a pretty bad injury. And I had seen him with his leg, hobbling around out there. He toughened up, sucked it up. I know he made a nice play on the third down lane, guarding [Wayne] Chrebet. He made a tough throw and he couldn't come up with it. He almost picked that other one off. Ty is a great corner and there is not much margin for error when you are throwing against Ty from a receiver standpoint or a quarterback standpoint.

**Q: What happened on the throw to Troy in the end zone?

TB:** Just a bad throw. Had him open, tried to be too cute with the throw, and just threw it about three feet too high.

**Q: Tom, you talked about opening the game in smash mouth style. Is it going to be important as this season goes on to be better and better in executing that?

TB:** Yes. I mean definitely, definitely. And like I said, I think that that third quarter series, you know, we ran a little bit, we threw a little bit. They are going to feed off one another. The play action comes when you are running well, if you can get that defense, if you can put together for our five or six or seven or eight plays on some of those drives, it really wears down the defense. The longer you are out there and you possess the ball, the more opportunities you have to score. So today, we offensively, you know, I think it was very up and down. And that is not, as Coach indicated, that is not what we are looking for. But we have just got this is the third week of the year and there is 13 more games left. We have to obviously play a lot better.

**Q: Tom, I think you threw three interceptions, the last one was that one Cowart almost picked off. And there was no thought of running the ball at that point, or just the defense, you didn't think was giving you the running play?

TB:** Well, we didn't have that much of a lead and we had gone to some of that empty stuff, that empty backfield and made some plays so we were trying to stick with it. You know, I think at that point it is just about execution and I think the plays were there to be made. We just didn't do it. So whether you run it or you throw it, like we were doing it, you have got to allow Charlie the ability to feel that he can call anything and we are going to get anything done. But you know, when we are throwing incompletions, he doesn't want it. You are going to go back out there and you are going to run it.

**Q: What about the play when you had like the 22 yard loss when you sort of looked like you just lost the handle on the ball, fell on it on your own three?

TB:** Yes. I was bringing it back to throw it and, you know, you have got the ball in your hand, and I was trying to get rid of it quick. The ball just went the wrong way.

**Q: Is your hand messed up?

TB:** No, it is just a bad play, just a bad play.

**Q: Can you describe the touchdown when you decided to run, can you tell us what you saw?

TB:** Yes. It was a play action. I looked at my first read and he got caught up. The second guy was on the corner, he got caught up. And I looked back to Christian [Fauria], I think, and there were two guys on him, so I kind of pumped and then fell into the end zone it looked like. It wasn't a very graceful run.

**Q: And the two options, the running game today, your thoughts how it has progressed from week one to week three.

TB:** It has gotten better. I think those running backs are having more confidence in the offensive line. I think the offensive line is doing a good job in making holes for those guys. They are very capable runners, very capable offensive liners, Damien [Woody], [Dan] Koppen, Joe Andruzzi, [Adrian] Klemm is doing a good job, Matt Light is very underrated, but he is doing a good job. The more we can run, the easier it is going to be to pass. So the running game a lot of times is the best thing that can happen for a passing game. It takes a lot of pressure off those third down and long situation too.

**Q: Tom, was there a point during the exhibition, preseason, you were throwing against the rookies, Asante and Eugene, did you notice that these guys are maybe a step above other young rookies coming in?

TB:** Yes. I think there was that feeling that these guys are really good players. Both of them have very good physical abilities. I think Asante has got great feet and he is very savvy. He's just a smart player, knows the concept of the routes. I know that route that he intercepted, we had a very similar route that we ran on Wednesday this week. He broke on it and I had to throw it right on the dirt to Troy or else he would have picked it and gone the other way. He does a great job of reading what the routes are looking like. He knows and he can anticipate the throws, he has got quick enough feet to react when the throw is made. So Eugene is a big strong kid who is the same, same thing. I mean great feet, good speed, great ball skills, I mean just overall great player.

**Q: Tom, sometime when a team has personnel losses, whether injury or players just, you know, being let go, it just builds and builds and a team hits a breaking point. Have you ever felt you were close to that as a club?

TB:** I think it is one thing that we felt with this team is that I think there is a lot of depth. There is a lot of depth in the linebacker position, there is depth in the second, there is depth on the D line, depth to receivers, depth on the team. There is very, like I said, very capable players at all these positions so if a guy is not out there one week, another guy has got to fill the void. And I think some guys have stepped it up and are doing that. I mean whether that continues, I mean I hope that we wouldn't continue to get as banged up as we have been getting banged up. But that is part of playing football and everybody deals with injuries, so we have got to play with the guys we have out there.

**Q: How important is the additional win, this one against the Jets?

TB:** Well, last year they came in and beat us up pretty good. Playing them up here, they beat up five times in a row so it was nice to break that streak. Divisional win, two and one. Now on the road to Washington, a very tough game. But you know, it's better to be two and one than one and two going on the road.

**Q: Is it good to have two different types of running backs in [Kevin] Faulk and [Antowain] Smith as far as the pressure on the defense?

TB:** Yes, definitely, definitely. And I think they have, they have, you know, both can kind of do it all. I mean Antowain does a good job of catching the ball when we throw it to him. You know, they have their own elements. Kev is a smaller guy. Antowain is a big powerful guy, so Antowain can really wear down that defense. We have always got to keep getting him the ball. Thanks, guys

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