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Tom Brady Post Game Press Conf Transcript

Brady: I think a few goods things today was, when I did miss a guy, I missed him where only our guy could catch it.



            **TB:**  Hello.   A little better feeling than last week, huh?  

**Q: How is the elbow this week?

TB:** Fine. It is good enough to go out there and try to throw it the best I can.

**Q: Tom, what was the difference in the game plan? You know, last year down there, obviously, you guys had some trouble. What did you guys do differently to turn the tables and quickly get eight points?

TB:** Yes. I think we really looked at that game and going into this week we realized that and I think the players did, we cut back on a lot of things we do just because we wanted to do plays that we run best and do them well. And like Charlie [Weis] said earlier in the week, Guys, you know, this is a physical team and this is a team that we have got to go out and be decisive with and run quick wells and make big quick reads and make good throws and make some runs after catch plays. And the players felt good. We went in this game really feeling we knew what we were going to do and we were confident in the scheme, we were confident in our approach, and it turned out that we went out there and executed. So it wasn't all perfect but, you bite a good Tennessee team like that, I think we got some points out there, a good win.

**Q: Tom, you are hurting on the offensive line but they gave you some protection today. How much also did the running game help?

TB:** Yes. Both were big. I think the offensive line doesn't get as much credit as they deserve ever, but I think they are doing a great job. They are shuffling from place to place. Damien Woody, he has gone from center to guard and made a transition. Dan Koppen, he is doing great. He's doing an unbelievable job. [Matt] Light, steady. Joe Andruzzi, probably the toughest guy on the team. You can't say enough about those guys. They really make this team go and this offense go, and when they play well it seems we play well. And they are doing awesome.

**Q: The Red Sox updates, was that helping you guys emotionally at all?

TB:** I think it was helping the crowd. I wish we got a baseball and bat out there, during time out took some cuts. The fans were going crazy.

**Q: Tom, when they went up 27 to 24 and you had the long kickoff return, can you describe how you took it in from there. You used Deion Branch and then Mike Cloud eventually scored. But what were you, you know, what was your manner of trying to use Deion Branch in particular?

TB:** Sure. We ended up getting the I think the first play we tried to turn it, they stopped us for about no gain. Then we tried to come back and hit a quick pass and the play broke down. And I looked to the left and probably held the ball longer than I would have liked, and ended up taking a sack. So that put us right out of field goal range. It started at 15, three and 16 and they were blitzing. It was an all out blitz. And I saw Deion, and Deion had a good route call and, you know, Deion made the play and shook the guy and went for the first thing. Next thing you know, Mike scattered in the end zone. And both those guys were huge this game. Deion did a great job. Mike obviously did a great job. To come in there and really off the bench like Mike did, I mean that is really pretty impressive because he hasn't been out there for the last four weeks.

**Q: What did you think of his play today, Tom?

TB:** Yes. He did a great job. I mean he is quick as a cat. I mean, he scatters through there and he has got great vision. I mean on the one long run, going toward the lighthouse, it must have been a 50 yard, 40 yard or something like that, he ended up, you know, cutting that all the way back. So that is great vision. And the trap at the end of the game, he bounced it out and ran for, made them both miss. So, he just great. And Deion has been doing great now for two years so that is old news for us.

**Q: Did you see maybe something Mike Cloud could do for you guys?

TB:** I think that, you know, that he displayed the type of talent that he I mean what you guys saw out there today is what he did in training camp. I mean he did some really good things. You know, we have got Kevin [Faulk] who is a very similar type player who makes big plays, who has done a great job this year, and Antowain [Smith], who was off to a great start today. I think they are three very different backs. But Mike, no question, Mike really stepped it up today when we needed him.

**Q: Hey, Tom, Adam Vinatieri misses a field goal, it is news. That guy hardly ever misses. Did you talk to him at all, what is up with him?

TB:** Well, he made a great one there, he made a big one there at the end. And although he missed those, those other two, I mean they count when it is right in the heat of the battle, when everything is on the line he is going to come through. Adam is probably the least bit of concern in that locker room. Very uncharacteristic, but he will be back kicking the crap out of the ball next week.

**Q: Tom, you said during the week that you were upset at the decisions you had made last week. And when you were making your decisions today, were you cognizant at all even in the quick amount of time to make sure you made better decisions? Was that going through your mind at all today?

TB:** Yes. I think a lot of that starts in practice. I mean when you see from the snap of the ball until the ball's delivered, usually it is two or three seconds, so there is not a lot of thought process that goes into that. A lot of it is instinct. So you are really training your instinct over the course of the week. And the separation that you see or where you should throw the ball, I think a few goods things today was, when I did miss a guy, I missed him where only our guy could catch it. And sometimes they made good plays on it. But some of the deep balls, those balls were ours or nobody's. And that is just in practice that is good, great coaching by my quarterback coach, Jeff Hufnagel, who has done a great job with us, you know, getting us to do the right thing and understand where we can miss and where we can't miss.

**Q: Troy Brown's play, Tom, could you just comment on the long touchdown pass?

TB:** Yes. Troy did a great job. I mean he had a safety on him. You know, he kind of shook him inside and then got to the right side. I just laid it up there and Troy ran it down and made a great catch and a great run. And I think a lot of times they think Troy is going to stay in that short area and I think it surprised them when he went deep and he made a great catch on the ball

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