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Tom Brady Post-Game Press Conference

Patriots Quarterback Tom Brady speaks to the press after their win against Buffalo.

TB: Looks like this is going to be a quick one.

Q: All right, Tom. Just talk about what a complete win, like last week it was a complete win.

TB: Yes, I thought the defense played great. We really didn't give up any points. I think offensively we did some good things. We still missed a bunch of plays but it is a good win. I think everyone is happy.

Q: You got like nine different receivers in the first half alone. Talk about spreading the ball around tonight.

TB: Yes, a lot of guys are in good position to make the plays and they are all making them, so it's nice to be able to spread it around. You just try to find the open guy and let them have it. They are catching. So, it was a big first half by us. I wish we could have continued in the second half, but we just didn't make the plays.

Q: Corey Dillon, he had a huge night. Again, what can you say about him?

TB: Another huge night. He is so talented. He is so big. He is fast. The offensive line just played a great game tonight, just a great all-around effort especially against a really good defense like this. Playing Buffalo, they are always so tough on us. Just nice playing the way we did.

Q: Tom, are you worried about losing Troy [Brown] to the other side of the ball full time?

TB: Yes. He keeps playing like that, I mean he is awesome. I mean he is awesome. Just whatever the coach asks him to do, he does. The interception tonight was awesome. It would have been his second one if he had caught the one last week, but he acted like a DB last week and dropped it. He didn't act like a receiver.

Q: Tom, after the win, obviously, it is a great win. You're happy about that. But when you end up with the five field goals, is it personally, when you drive home or when you come in tomorrow, do you say, 'Man, five field goals is not what we are looking for?'

TB: Yes, it is just not going to be good enough so we have to find a way to get the ball in the end zone.

Q: You might have talked about this, but Corey [Dillon] and the whole running game having that production there, how much easier does that make your job?

TB: Well, I mean you give it to Corey and he keeps running the way he does, we are going to keep giving it to him. So he does a great job running the ball. I think the offensive line did a great job finding holes for him. When Kevin [Faulk] was in there, Kevin did a great job running it. So it is obviously nice handing it off to those guys that can run like that. They have shown consistently throughout the year, you give them a little bit of a hole, they are going to gain a bunch of yards.

Q: Tom, aside from actually getting into the red zone more often than you did, top to bottom, possession wise, drive wise, eating up yards wise, was this one of the better nights you had? You guys had some seriously long drives.

TB: Yes. We took advantage of the field position when we got it. We were backed up a bunch of times. We really did some good things running the ball. This defense is ranked right up there at the top of the league for good reason, because they are an excellent defense. We played pretty well. We didn't play great and we left a lot of plays out there. But for the most part, moving the ball up and down, everyone feels really happy.

Q: The touchdown throw to [David] Patten, what made you pull it back down? Did you see there the safety or corner slipping, what did you see?

TB: Yes. I looked to the right. I saw, I looked to David initially and then I got off him because it looked like there were kind of two guys there. I got my eyes on Patrick [Pass] and then I kind of moved in the pocket a little bit to get a little better vision on a man. He was covered and then I was just kind of stepping up and I saw David just flash, and he made a great catch. That ball was high and he went up and really grabbed it. So [it was] a great catch.

Q: That kind of illustrates the number of decisions that you have to make a lot of the time.

TB: Yes. A lot of the times, you are going back, you are staying with guys and you have enough time; and sometimes you go back to them but you don't always have that time. Sometimes you have got to get rid of it quick. But that was a big play in the game. And then Tedy [Bruschi] intercepting that ball was another huge play. And then us scoring, that throw to Christian [Fauria], he almost fell down. I don't know if you guys saw that one. Some big plays before the half early got us in great position there to start the second half.

Q: Can you talk about the play of your offensive line just between pass protecting and then running, blocking tonight?

TB: Yes. They have done a great job and they continue to do a great job. They don't get a lot of credit, but they come to work and they bust their butts in practice. And it really shows out there in the game that they can really play. They are very capable players and great, when, like I say, when you hand the ball off and there are big holes for Corey [Dillon] to run through and Kevin [Faulk] to run through. And when you drop back and pass, it is always nice to have some time. Like I said, on that touchdown pass to David, I really had a great amount of time to sit there and find a guy.

Q: Was it technique? Were they overpowering the Bills defense? What are they doing, I mean, from what you can see out there?

TB: Well, the Bills defense is pretty tough. They have some pretty tough pass rushers. Sam Adams is great and Pat Williams is a great player. Just getting in front of these guys and trying to keep them out of the backfield, that is what they did. Any time that offensive line is really stout, it really sets a tone for the offense.

Q: 29-6 win, but your demeanor doesn't seem like you would expect. Is that part of the business as usual, just you don't over enjoy a win, you don't do a whole lot of celebrating?

TB: Well, like I said, I think offensively we made some good plays, but we would like to have some plays back. So you would always like to be overjoyed with the win, and I think everyone is happy with the win. But, we play a game next Monday night so we have got to figure out how to improve from here because it is not -- we have got to take advantage of some more of our opportunities.

Q: Did you see the play, [Tedy] Bruschi getting popped there at the end of the game? It was pretty amazing.

TB: Yes. I don't know how he comes out of those plays with playing the way he does. But he seems to have really like a Gumby like body where he just twists and turns. And that looked nasty. Some guys, their legs would be snapped in two. But Tedy, he just seems to brush it off. I think we are all fortunate.

Q: You mentioned Monday night. Can you give us just some early thoughts? It is kind of an interesting match-up, two teams that can really score?

TB: Yes. We played Kansas City a few years ago and they scored a bunch of points. It was an overtime game that we won like 41 to 38 or something like that. It is tough. They have a good team, put up a lot of points. So we are playing them at home on a Monday night and I have heard that stadium is pretty tough to play in, so we are going to need to, like I said, improve quite a bit and go in there and get ready for a tough Tennessee team.

Q: It seems like each week that passes you and [David] Givens have found each other more and more.

TB: Yes. David has been in there every week and catching great catches. He can really make some plays with the ball when he gets it in his hand. All those guys did a great job tonight.

Q: Speaking of that great find on [David] Patten, did you guys have a miscommunication or altercation a little earlier?

TB: Just me and him, [it] just get heated a little bit. And there was a play, I think, and he was jawing with the Bills guy and I just kind of went up to him and said, Let's leave there, and he said it wasn't me. So we laughed about it two minutes later.

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