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Tom Brady Post-Game Press Conference Transcript - 08/11/02

TB: I was excited to be out there, I think we started out good. We got into the red zone on the fourth play of the game, and I tried to get the ball to David [Patten] over the top. Maybe I should've thrown to Donald [Hayes]'s side; he's a few inches taller.

Q: You looked upset after that drive, was it the pass?

TB: Yeah, it was third-and-eight on the nine-yard line, and we walk away with a field goal. I think there has to be a mindset that every time we're down there we have to score touchdowns, and if we're going to run it we have to run it better, and if we're going to throw it we're going to have to throw it better.

Q: After six months, did it feel good to be out on the football field again?

TB: Yeah, it sure does. I wish the outcome was a little better. On the way back there will probably be a little bit more of a somber mood. There is a lot to build on, but there were also a lot of mistakes. A lot of penalties, a few turnovers, and coach doesn't stand for that.

Q: The last three quarters were a new experience for you too?

TB: Yeah, I don't like to watch a lot.

Q: You guys spread the field a lot early on, was that something that you had talked about?

TB: We've been pretty comfortable with four or five receiver sets. We think we've been pretty efficient over the last year and a half, and that's something that I think we have to continue to use as a weapon for us. Its tough because when you're able to put running backs out there on the outside, you have to make those linebackers go out there outside of that seven man box and cover them where they don't feel comfortable.

Q: Did Bill [Belichick] call the plays?

TB: Jeff Davidson called them. He did a great job.

Q: Can you tell me what you saw from the play of Damon Huard?

TB: I thought Damon played really well. He's a guy that feels real comfortable in there, and he's done a great job this whole training camp. That's what I see every day, so it doesn't surprise me when I see it, but he did make some nice throws.

Q: Could you assess your performance?

TB: I thought there were some good throws in there. There were some reads that needed to be quicker, a little better decision making.

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