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Tom Brady Post Game Press Transcript - 11/16

Brady: And obviously eight and two is a hell of a lot better than seven and three, but we still have a long way to go.



            **TB:**  What's up?  

**Q: You guys, eight and two.

TB:** Yes.

**Q: How big was this win?

TB:** It was obviously a big win any time you... I mean they were eight and two and pretty hot. And I think they came in, I think the defense really stepped it up and we made a few plays on offense. And obviously eight and two is a hell of a lot better than seven and three. But we still have a long way to go.

**Q: I know earlier you said you never even met [Bill] Parcells. Did you meet him today?

TB:** Nope. No, I didn't. I didn't. I was just kind of concentrating on what we had to do and I didn't get the chance to go say hi.

**Q: You weren't afraid tonight, you threw some balls down field. Was that sort of the game plan coming in or was that just sort of a feel thing as it went along?

TB:** I think we had an opportunity to take some shots, especially when they were blitzing. I think if we hit a few more of them then the game wouldn't have been that close. That was part of the plan coming in. I think each week we are really trying to expand the field and we have guys that can come out on the field and make plays. The more guys you can spread out throughout the field, the easier it is to find those zones.

**Q: Tom, the plays to [Deion] Branch.

TB:** The first one, we ran a blitz. The guys did a great job of protecting it. It gave the receivers time to open up the field. Deion made an inside route and I hit him. He made a great catch and run. And then the second one to David [Givens], similar type thing. They were blitzing, had one-on-one coverage. Once again, I think the line did a great job with giving me time. I just threw it up there and David came down with it.

**Q: What was the protection on those plays?

TB:** Yes. We had a hell of a lot of guys in there protecting, as many as we could.

**Q: Is that after the last couple weeks you knew, I mean they blitzed a lot, you saw what they did to Ramsey and Bledsoe. Did you think you would be able to go downhill when they did that if you had the protection?

TB:** Yes, I think we did. I think that was the plan, to have some opportunities when we did read the blitz to get the protection and to protect, and then to be able to have some time to get open in the outfield

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