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Tom Brady Post Game Press Transcript

Brady: Yes, it was my leg. I am fine.

**Q: Bookkeeping, what happened to you in that second quarter?

TB:** On the ??

**Q: The [Lawyer] Milloy hit.

TB:** Yes, he got close. He got close. I guess he didn't like my pre-game thoughts. He was just trying to make a play and he plays hard. You know, he was just being aggressive.

**Q: Where did you get hit?

TB:** On my leg.

**Q: It was just the leg, the leg injury?

TB:** Yes, it was my leg. I am fine. There is nothing to worry about.

**Q: What were the pre-game thoughts? Did you talk to him beforehand or was this on the phone before or did you let him know ??

TB:** Kind of like last week. There is obviously a rivalry. I mean you get beat 31-0 and they had really started the season the way they wanted to and we didn't. And it really came 15 weeks later, I think we proved we are a different team than we were that day. And like I said, whether he was here or whether he was not here, I mean we were just going out to see if we could put a good game together. And this is one of the greatest games we played all season. It was a good time to do it too. It was really good.

**Q: Tom, the playoffs are on, the season is over. You were you trying to put in a first round knockout.

TB:** Yes. I think they were a little more mentally tougher than that. I think any time for a lot of teams we could do that, but the Bills, with the defense, the way they were playing, those guys played hard the whole game. And I think it was good for us to start that way and score a couple touchdowns early and get us a nice lead and then it really continued throughout the game. We moved the ball well, missed a few opportunities in the red zone. But overall, like I said, it was a good game.

**Q: Tom, was there any thought of taking you out earlier than they took you out, like after Lawyer rolled into you, did anybody say anything to you like you are not going back out there?

TB:** No, no.

**Q: That conversation never happened?

TB:** It did not happen. I wouldn't let it happen.

**Q: Let me ask you this, when they did finally take you out, how good did it feel, four touchdowns as opposed to I think it was four picks in the first game, I am not sure.

TB:** Yes.

**Q: How did you feel when the crowd gave you some appreciation?

TB:** Yes. You know, being 8-0 at home, I mean, that is pretty impressive. And the fans are the reason why we are there and why we accomplished that. It has been such an exciting year and to think of winning 12 games in a row, I mean, is really, I mean it is pretty unbelievable and it almost doesn't feel like it has been that way. I mean we started off two and two. And even over the course of those 12 games, I mean we really didn't play great ball and then it just kind of culminated today. And we needed it because we do have goals and each week it is a different goal. And this week, I think we accomplished what we set out to.

**Q: Tom, the last drive that you were in, when you came out and then there was the drive, were there some thoughts of you not starting that last drive, because the fans seemed anticipant, they were all like getting ready to cheer if you didn't come back out. Was there a thought that you wouldn't start that last drive?

TB:** I am not sure. I am not sure. I didn't hear them taking me out. So I completed the third down pass and I was actually hoping for another pass play and I saw Damon [Huard] run on the field so I figured that was it. Like I said, the fans have been behind us all year and we are going to need them in the playoffs because it is such a home field advantage playing here and all the Foxborough faithful coming out and cheering us on.

**Q: Tom, were you surprised at the no huddle decision before the game? Belichick told us he didn't really make that decision until just after pre-game warm-ups.

TB:** Well, I think he kind of anticipated going one of two ways and we were ready for that. I think the no huddle, being the weather like it was, us getting off to kind of a fast start, it worked out that way. We had a nice drive the first drive to go out and score; and then the second drive, obviously, after the turnover, we were on a short field and we did a good job. So it worked, it worked well for us and it was kind of a nice weapon. And we have used that before in the past. I am thinking about the Pittsburgh game to start last season. But if we could just keep executing like that, it is going to be tough to stop.

**Q: Tom, could you discuss the emergence of David Givens in the passing game? You spread the ball out but you seemed more comfortable throwing to him today.

TB:** Yes. David probably made the most improvement of anybody on the team in one season. He was the fifth receiver last year and now he is starting. He is a big strong kid who runs excellent routes, has great hands, he is smart and very aware out there. He keeps running all the routes and stuff, I think it is fun to have him in there. Plus, he throws his body around out there like a fullback sometimes in the run blocking, but he has done a great job all year.

**Q: What was the catch he made, kind of a breakthrough game for him and the fact that he proved he was a scoring threat.

TB:** Any time you make plays like that, you really gain a lot of confidence. I think as the season goes along, he had a big catch in Miami for a touchdown, he has had some big catches. All of them are important. He just continues to build on the success and his confidence continues to grow. Because of that, I think I have lots of confidence in my guys. He is, obviously, a very viable threat.

**Q: But does your confidence continue to grow in him?

TB:** Yes. I mean I never wane in confidence with those guys. They are all awesome football players. They are all awesome receivers. If I could just throw it to them and get it to them, they are going to catch it.

**Q: Tom, we hear a lot, obviously, this is a third shutdown that has been behind the defense and the defense gets a lot of ink in the press.

TB:** As they should.

**Q: As they should. But the offensive line probably should too. Most fans in the stadium probably can't even name the starting offensive line.

TB:** Well, they have been in there for the whole streak for all these wins in a row. I mean it has really been consistent. And those guys that have fielded in different positions and I think they are really coming together as a unit. You can really tell that in the running game and the timing in the running game is getting good and the holes are opening when they should. The first game, we had 25 mental mistakes. In this game I think it was so much better because I think everyone is on the same page. And those guys have done a great job protecting me all year. And I think they are getting a Christmas present from me too.

**Q: What are they getting, leather jackets?

TB:** I don't know yet.

**Q: Okay. Christmas already, isn't it?

TB:** I think I am late. I am ready for next year.

**Q: What did you do differently to prepare for this game? I mean you completely changed the script this time.

TB:** Yes, we did. I think we had a great attack. I mean Charlie [Weis] decided I think early on he wanted to come out and try to spread them out and see if they could cover all their guys. I don't think many teams put four wide receivers on the field. And I think we took advantage of that opportunity. We took advantage of the fact that we saw their coverages, our guys knew the coverages, our guys knew how they were going to get open in those routes, and then we just did a good job of executing. So Charlie put together a great game plan, as he always does, and we just went out and did it. It is the preparation. I mean the preparation has been pretty much the same every week. We try to get ready for all the situations that are going to come up. This week, early on I knew it was going to be a, it could be a fast starting game.

**Q: Tom, go back to week one when you guys got beat 31-0.

TB:** I told you I am trying to forget about that game.

**Q: After the game, did Drew Bledsoe say anything to you? And after this game, did you say anything to Drew?

TB:** I think I tried to duck out of there pretty quick after that first one. I don't know if I saw him. But I think any time, like I said, I root for the quarterbacks and I root for guys that go out there and play well. It is tough, I look out there and he is not standing back there as long as he would like. But it is a team game and when your team is 14-2 you look pretty good as a starting quarterback. And when it is 6-10, you don't. That is the reality. You can really only control yourself, but your role is really reflected and your style of play is reflected in the way the offense goes out and executes. And when it doesn't execute very well, you don't look very good and you take a lot of hits and mentally you are beaten down and physically you are beaten down too. So it has been a fun year for us and I think for him. I mean he is a great, great player and a great competitor. And he was in the Pro Bowl last year, and I am sure he is going to have an excellent season next year.

**Q: Tom, the Red Sox won the Wild Card.

TB:** Are we still talking about them?

**Q: There was champagne, there was cigars. You guys are the best team in football and there is, like, no celebrating.

TB:** Well, there is celebration. I mean I think we are enjoying what we are doing. And the goal is not, you know, we are not there yet. I mean we have got a big game in two weeks at home. And when we win that one, provided we go out and win, I mean we are going to be happy about that. And then that is the way it has been each week. To win a game, it just puts you in a better position next week. And this team won the Super Bowl two years ago. I mean what is to celebrate, that is kind of the standard. One team wins and in reality only one team has a great season. You can have a good season but only one team wins it all.

**Q: Tom, can you talk about the raw emotion of being back in the playoffs again?

TB:** It is really the second season. You know, Coach kind of said that after the game. You know, a single game elimination and you have got to be playing your best. You have got to be playing your best, you have got to be playing your best game. I mean these are the best teams under the most pressure situation. I think we are comfortable that we have guys that have been in those situations that have shown they can come out and contribute and do a good job when the heat is on in these tough games.

**Q: For the third week in a row you did score in the first drive after it being well documented you haven't done it all year. What does this tell you about what is happening with your offense?

TB:** I think we are doing a good job of getting prepared early in the game and being ready to play at opening kickoff. And it is very important too. I mean I don't remember the last time we were losing in a game. I mean I think it may have been the Denver game. But we have got ahead of these teams and when you can get ahead of them and when the defense is playing the way they are playing, it is just a great benefit for the offense and for the defense and for the team and the special teams. And I think we feed off being ahead and learning how to play with a lead. And like I said, we have done a good job of coming back in a lot of these games. But to get out there and score early and put them where they don't want to be, you know, it has really been important for us; and hopefully, it continues to be that way.

**Q: Tom, it is obvious you guys have been singularly focused week to week this year. It is pretty obvious. But why is that? In your opinion, why have you been able to do that?

TB:** I don't think we have like very grand illusions of ourselves. I don't think we put ourselves on this, on this pedestal of being unbeatable or being great players. I think we pride ourselves on a little bit of humility and being a good player and contributing in whatever your role is on the team. And because of that, nobody is ever satisfied that, hey, you know, I made a good play, I might have helped the team win. I am not the reason why we won, but I like to think that we played a role. That goes for everybody on the team. Tedy Bruschi intercepting every ball that is thrown to him and running it back for a touchdown. Tyrone Poole that is looking down receivers play after play. I think we just like to go out there and beat them and we have done a good job of that. Like I said, I don't think we come in here and say we are the '85 Bears or the '72 Dolphins. We just enjoy playing ball and we like going out there and competing. You know, it has been fun to be a part of a team that doesn't have an ego.

**Q: Tom, the Super Bowl not yet, but you have had the best record, 14-2, you're the number one seed, you are going to host two games. Is there a badge of honor that goes with that around the league, being the best team going into the playoffs or the favorite, does that mean anything?

TB:** I don't think, I don't think anybody cares, to tell you truth. I mean every team that is in the playoffs has had a successful season and they are really the best teams. Tampa Bay won it last year and they didn't have home field. We won it two years ago, we didn't have home field. And then Baltimore won it three ago, they didn't have home field. So having home field is important. I think a bye is more important than that. No matter where you play, if you play good football, you should go out there and win. Whether it be home or road, the team that plays the best is going to win. I am glad we have the week off so I can watch my Michigan Wolverines kick some Trojan butt, but it is going to be important for us to go out there and play good football in two weeks.

**Q: How important was it to redeem yourself in your performance against the Bills today? Where does that rank in terms of your priorities coming out today?

TB:** Yes. I mean I always want to go out there to play good. It doesn't always turn out that way but I think there was a lot of guys who felt coming out there, because what happened to us the first game, like I said, there is no looking past it. I mean we played the same guys who beat us up real bad 31-0. And like I say, we didn't have to dig too deep to find those emotions. And because of that, we came out and played well. And I think it is also mature, you know, it is a mature team. And those things I talked about, going out there and competing. That is the reason why we are 14-2. That is the reason why we were 13-2, before five hours ago, and why we went out and played a pretty good game today.

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