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Tom Brady Post Practice Interview

Tom Brady addressed the media after today's morning practice.  Below is a transcript of the post practice interview. 

Q: How do you think Rohan Davey has been performing and how have you seen him development over the last couple of years?

TB: He's definitely improved. He's gotten more used to this offense and the terminology. He's done a nice job. He works really hard. He's got a lot of physical ability. He's a very, very good quarterback.

Q: Is there anything you can take from watching [backups]?

TB: All the time. Everybody has strengths and weaknesses and you try to learn from the other people's strengths. I think that is part of it. They see things that they like that I do. I see a lot of things that I like that they do.

Q: Your implying that you have a weakness. What would that be?

TB: There are plenty of them. Quarterbacking is about constant improvement. Maturity, growing, experiences and there are a lot of mechanical things I can do a lot better. There are a lot of things I can continue to work on.

Q: Are you at all surprised at how Matt [Cassel] has done, being that he didn't have a lot of reps in college?

TB: Yeah. Definitely. He's a fun guy to be around. He loves to get into it. He loves the coaching. He wants the reps and to go out there and perform. I think he's making the most of his opportunities. He's done a really great job.

Q: What can you take out of the first preseason game?

TB: You try to run a lot of your generic stuff against their generic stuff. It's about facing the other team and seeing how you perform in front of crowds and with a game situation. You can't simulate the actual speed of the game in practice. So it's a nice way to get your feet wet.

Q: Would some of that be getting used to the situation without Charlie [Weis], game wise?

TB: Sure. That's going to be an adjustment. There is no doubt he was a great asset in what we were doing. I think some of the best things he did was on game day. That all remains to be seen from our standpoint. That's why we have four preseason games. To try to get used to it as best we can.

Q: Is there something you generally look for out of that first one?

TB: You always try to go out and play well. You try to make the right reads and right decisions. Execute the plays as they would be called. I don't think it's a big game plan. That we're going to try to go out and put our best stuff on the field. I think you go out and try to execute the plays the coaches call as well as you can. That's really what you try to do.

Q: David [Givens] was saying even in exhibition play every team still wants to beat the world champions even though it doesn't mean anything.

TB: Yeah. We learned that last year going [to Cincinnati]. They really did give it to us pretty good last year. The fans were into it. The players were into it. Anytime you take the field you want to compete and play. You play to win. That's the way we approach it and I'm sure that's the way they approach it.

Q: What do you think about Doug [Flutie] after being around him for a couple of months?

TB: He's a competitor and there's a reason why he's been around for as long as he as. He's competitive, athletic and smart. He's just into it. He likes to play and he loves the game. Ultimately, he loves the competition. He's a smart guy. I've learned a lot from him over the past few months.

Q: Can you talk about Doug Flutie's size and playing quarterback?

TB: I think the taller you are, obviously the easier it is. I think that Doug being the same height his whole career, he's just learned to play with that. You're right, most of the time you do see between people. The taller you are, than it helps a little bit. I don't think for Doug it's a big problem.

Q: Can you talk about facing Ty Law?

TB: Ty had a great career here. He's gone just like a lot of players are. I think it's so far away. It's so far away. Who knows if I'll be out there in that week. Who knows if he'll be out there. Who knows where we'll be.

Q: There are three guys - [Ted] Johnson, [Tedy] Bruschi, [Ty] Law - who have been here 10 years and aren't in camp this year. Is there a noticeable difference?

TB: Every year the team has changes and we've dealt with that since I got here. Guys come in and out each week and you just have to learn. My job is to go out and play quarterback. That really doesn't affect the way I play and I don't think it affects anybody except the guys who are gone. We move on. Obviously, were they great players? Yeah. But we have a lot of good players now and we're going to try to do the best we can each week.

Q: How hard is it to not get too concerned about what happens in a preseason game and keep your eye on the bigger picture?

TB: There's no question last year that was one of the worst performances we've had. We were down 21-0 and we ran six offensive plays and we were in the second quarter with 12 minutes left. I think as a team you continue to develop throughout the course of the year. So this is just a step in the whole process. The teams that I've been a part of, we really start getting better the ninth, tenth week of the regular season. This is just the beginning. The team's coming together. Ultimately the depth plays a part in how well the team is going to do.

Q: What did the outcome of the second preseason game tell you?

TB: I think you just realized you're a long way from where you need to be. If you don't go out and execute, you'll get beat. It's doesn't matter. We learned that against the Dolphins last year. They hadn't been having the best season and we were on a roll and we didn't play so well. We didn't play well four minutes in the game and they played really well and they beat us. You just realize that you can't take anything for granted. You have to go out there and do your best.

Q: Is there something that you specifically wanted to improve on?

TB: Well I think in general there is a lot of things to improve on. There's always decision making and throwing mechanics. Those can always be improved.

Q: Is the offense going to be much different than it was last year? Will other teams see a wrinkle in the offense they haven't seen in the previous years?

TB: I don't know. I don't know how it's going to go. I don't think that really starts formulating until you put all your guys on the field and see what type of team you have. Four years ago we threw, like, 150 screens. The year after that we threw seven. Two years ago we threw like 50. The offense just evolves. However your going and what you think you can do to move the chains and score touchdowns, that's what you're going to do.

Q: What's the difference between the preparation in a preseason and regular season game?

TB: Well, you approach it like a regular season game. I think the thing is you probably don't game plan as much. You don't break down as much film. You try to improve your own execution and you care less about what their doing and more about what your doing.

Q: What are your impressions of Matt Cassel so far?

TB: Matt's done a really nice job. He's a lot of fun to be around. He's really taking this opportunity and made the most of it. He's gone out and played really well. A lot of his teammates respect the work that he's done and like his attitude. He's done a really good job.

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