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Tom Brady Postgame Press Conference - 10/24/2010

Patriots quarterback Tom Brady addresses the media during his postgame press conference on Sunday, October 24, 2010.

On first half offense?

"What offense? We had a hard time moving at all. We couIdn't get into a rhythm at all. The second half was better, but I don't think it was great by any stretch. It feels good to win, see the defense play the way they did and get those turnovers. We certainly can play a lot better offensively. lt feels good to win those games when you don't play great. You have to win these games when you have an opportunity."

On fourth and one play:

"If you get the first down the game is over. (If) you punt to them and they have three time outs with two minutes left, they only have to go 60 yards. If you get the yard it would be tough for them to win the game. They would have to use all their time outs and there would be a minute left in the game. We tried it and didn't execute it very well. We didn't execute a lot of things very well. It should have never come down to a fourth and one. It was second and one and we lost yards. On third down we didn't gain any yards. We have to do a better job when it counts. I'd go for it every time."

Having been through these types of games so many times, are you ever reminded that you're not going to win?

"We have a lot confidence certainly. I have a lot of confidence when we play a lot better. We are still working at it. I wouldn't say we are in playoff form. But I will say we are five and one. We've played some tough teams and defenses. We are just trying to improve. One thing that We've shown is that we are going to keep fighting all the way to the end."

On developing confidence on first drive of second half:

"It's better to start the third quarter with an eight and a half minute drive with a touchdown. It was good. We needed that. We've done that scoring a couple times right after half time. But we have to do a better job starting the game and taking advantage of turnovers. l have to do a better job of finding open guys. Hopefully it doesn't come down to a nail biter. We won the turnover battle four to nothing. We had some great short fields and opportunities. But like l said it's great to get the win."

On seldom making mental mistakes:

"Coaching. From the time we walk in the door, (Belichick) talks about eliminating bad football. That's stuff Foxborough high school can complete; wide open throws, snap count violations or dropping the ball when you haven't been touched. Those type of things coach is tough on us. The day we started training camp we run laps around the field for stupid plays like that. You're right we try to do the best we can to eliminate those (mistakes) and not beat ourselves."

On play call on fourth and one:

"We have a lot of conidence in that play. You have to think that you'll be able to get the yard. We didn't execute very well and they did. You have to give them credit on that play. But our defense came up really big when we needed it."

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