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Tom Brady Postgame Press Conference - 10/4/2010

Patriots quarterback Tom Brady addresses the media during his postgame press conference on October 4, 2010. (On the win) "It's a big win for us.

Patriots quarterback Tom Brady addresses the media during his postgame press conference on October 4, 2010.

(On the win)
"It's a big win for us. We've been talking about this all season and what we had to do to win on the road and play a good four quarters of football. I think we did today and when we play well for four quarters it's a good outcome."

(On why he was so confident coming into the game)
"I'm out there every day watching us practice and so is Coach Belichick. He has a lot of confidence in us and what we're doing. We know we have a good kickoff return team, they tried to kick a long field goal and we talk about blocking kicks. The defense has some very talented players and they're going to make some plays on the ball like they did tonight so they all contributed. From 7-6 at half time to whatever it was at the end of the game is great."

(On the younger players playing well)
"That's so important because as an offense you want them to defend everybody. If they're only defending one guy and that's the guy you keep throwing to then that's not a very good offense. Brandon has to be involved, Woody has to be involved, Sammy and all of the backs and the tight ends are doing a good job. We've got to continue to find a way to spread the ball around."

(On the play of Danny Woodhead)
"He's quick in there and you've got to be quick to cover him. He's really able to do some things for us and create some mismatches. He had another great game tonight."

(On the kickoff return for a touchdown)
"It was awesome. We've been talking a lot about the second half this week and what we needed to do and that was a great way to start it. You're getting all hyped up and ready to go out there; throwing the ball around and then you see Brandon running it back for a touchdown and you take a seat on the bench. I'll take than anytime."

(On if there was a chip on the team's shoulders for not being able to win on the road)
"It's going to be there for a while like that. We've got a lot of chips."

(On his 100th career win)
"I've played on a great team for my entire career with the same organization that's committed to winning. I'm privileged to be the quarterback on this team and I hope I'm here forever."

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