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Tom Brady Postgame Press Conference

Tom Brady speaks to the press after their loss to the Dolphins in Miami.

Brady: We made a few bad plays there at the end, but we made too many bad plays throughout. We didn't play our best game, and if you don't play well you're going to lose. It was uncharacteristic of this team, but it shows we've got to play better. It's going to be tougher at the Jets next week, so we've got to regroup, and try to put together a good performance next week.

Question: Would you like to have that second to last interception back? Or the decision?

Brady: Yeah, you know, that's what it was. It was just a bad play. I thought I could get it to Dan [Graham]. I was trying to throw it and I got my hand ripped. I just pulled it and it went right to the guy. It was not a good play, and if we want to win any of these games, we can't do that. We've got to play better, and it starts with me. I have to come out and play better.

Question: Even after you threw the third interception, you thought you could still come out and win the game.

Brady: Yeah, we did. That last drive I got sacked on the first play, we called a timeout, and then we ran a play. I was trying to get the ball outside, got my hand caught up as I was throwing it and the guy made an easy interception.

Question: What is it about Miami that gives you trouble?

Brady: They're very good in the secondary. They put some great pressure on the pass rush, and they force that ball out quick. You don't have a lot of time to make decisions, and when the ball's up there, they are pretty good at going after it. Sammy Knight had two good interceptions tonight, and the last couple I threw right to them. They have a tough defense; it's always tough. It's always tough playing down here.

Question: If you were younger, would you have just fallen on that interception? Maybe, because you've had so much success, you had the confidence to try and make that play.

Brady: Well, if we make that play downfield, we win the game. We could run out the clock. So, part of your mindset says make a play now. When you try to make a play when there's not one to be made, that's when mistakes come. You just try to learn from it, and try not to let it happen again. That's what you can do. You can't sit here and make excuses. We didn't play well enough to win, and that's the outcome.

Question: It seemed in the first half they weren't getting much pressure on you. Then in the second half they were getting to you. Was there something in the offensive line, a breakdown perhaps?

Brady: I'm not sure; I'll have to see the film.

Question: You've dealt with so little failure since you became the starter. How will you deal with this?

Brady: You're right, the last couple of years we haven't had many losses. You've just got to do your best to go out and rebound. I'll go in tomorrow, and I'll watch the tape. I'll see the problems, and I'll try to correct them. We're not going to win any games throwing four interceptions, I know that. I learned that a long time ago. We've got to concentrate on not turning the ball over, especially that play, that second to last one. We're still up five, but gave them a 20-yard field instead of a longer field. That makes it tougher on the defense. That just comes down to my decision-making. I made a terrible decision, and that's the outcome. Those are the types of things that happen. You can't expect anything good to come of that, especially losing an 11-point lead. It's not what this football team is all about.

Question: Did you feel the momentum shift at any point? Towards the end of the game, all of a sudden, Miami had confidence.

Brady: Well, you keep them in the game. They've got a good defense, and we know that. They made some plays offensively. I thought scoring that touchdown with four minutes left was a big drive for us. They scored a touchdown, we turned the ball over, they scored another touchdown, and before you know it, that's the game. Just some bad plays. Like I said, it starts with me, and I'll do my best to go out there and try to correct it.

Question: You can't wait for your next game, can you?

Brady: Well I know I won't be sleeping much this week. That's kind of the life of a quarterback. I'll go out there and try to do my best next week. I'm confident in myself, and just have to go out and do better.

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