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Tom Brady Postgame Press Conference Audio - 11/7/2010

Patriots quarterback Tom Brady addresses the media during his postgame press conference on Sunday, November 7, 2010.

(On the Browns defense)
"We were out of sync a little bit. We didn't have a very good day on offense. We've got to get back to work. They've got a very good team, a good scheme and obviously are well-coached so you've got to give them a lot of credit."

(On the offense struggling)
"You've got to take advantage of scoring opportunities. You've got to convert on third down. We just didn't do enough to advance the ball so we've got to figure out the problems."

(On not scoring at the end of the first half)
"It was a big play, but there were a lot of big plays in this game and ones we just didn't convert on and connect on. You don't lose because of one play. There were a lot of plays that we could have done better. As a group, we have to understand that we need to do better individually and go out there and get to work, get back to practicing better. If we play the way we played today, we're not going to beat anybody."

(On the carryover of a bad practice to today's game)
"It's hard to say. Every week, some days you have good practices and some days you have bad practices. We just didn't play well today. I think that's what it comes down to. We just didn't execute the way we needed to execute on a down-by-down basis. We all have to do a better job, the quarterback has to do a better job and each group has to do a better job. That's the only way that we are going to do better."

(On the lack of Patriot scoring)
"We've got a bunch of talented players and I'd like to think that we have guys who can make plays. We certainly make a lot of plays out there but we just didn't do it consistently today. That's the frustrating part. You do it right once, the next time, you just don't do it right. That's something that leads to 'three-and-outs' and leads to not being able to sustain drives."

(On having new players on offense)
"I think it is Week 9 and we've got a lot of work ahead. I don't think that we are a finished product right now. We have to do things better in our areas, including the quarterback."

(On Colt McCoy's performance)
"He did well. He moved the team and they scored a lot of points. He made some big scrambles and did a great job. I have been in that spot, (but) never as a rookie like he is, but he is obviously doing the right thing out there. He is getting the ball to the right guys and making accurate throws. He did a great job."

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