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Tom Brady Postgame Press Conference Transcript

Read what New England Patriots QB Tom Brady had to say as he addressed the media after during his postgame press conference on Sunday, October 9, 2011.

Q: Coach Belichick said that he saw some signs of improvement. Did you see the same thing?  

TB: Yeah, I thought we could have done a lot better offensively but it was a good win. We won at home, that's important, a division game and we're 4-1. [We] have a big one next week.  

Q: How much do you relish going up against Rex Ryan?  

TB: One week it's him, one week it's the Bills' coordinator, one week it's the Chargers. Whoever is on the schedule, that's who we're going to get ready for. I thought we did a decent job at times but I thought we obviously left a lot of points out there.  

Q: How impressed were you with BenJarvus Green-Ellis and how much did he help the passing game?  

TB: He ran great, he always does. He's a tough runner, he's a real smart runner, he's patient, he sees the holes. That was a big part of the win. I thought we were balanced. Ran the clock out at the end, that was important. We needed that win. When we call upon him, we need him and he makes the plays. That was great.  

Q: On the touchdown pass to Deion Branch, what did you see at the line and did you check off a time or two to a play you thought would work better?  

TB: We were just trying to get aligned right. I think that drive we were moving pretty fast. We're just trying to get things communicated the right way and get them how we wanted them.  

Q: The Jets game plan on defense seemed similar to last year with a lot of defensive backs in coverage. How important was it  to have the threat of running the ball after you didn't last year?  

TB: We need to do it. We have to run the ball. If they have a lot of DBs out there, then we have to run it. If they put big guys in, we still have to run it. You just can't throw the ball every single down against these guys, they make it too tough. I thought we could have done better with running the ball; we could have done better passing the ball. We'll try to make some improvements and move onto the Cowboys.  

Q: How challenging is it to stay disciplined with the run when you're having uneven results against the defensive backs?  

TB: You hand it off sometimes and it works. If it doesn't work, you have to make adjustments. I thought we could have run it better, obviously. We could have thrown it better. We could have done a lot of things better on offense and we're going to need to.  

Q: How nice was it to see Aaron Hernandez out there?  

TB: It was good. There were a lot of guys that toughed it out. Gronk [Rob Gronkowski] really toughed it out, the linemen were toughing it out. Wes [Welker] was out there, he fights his butt off. It was a good group effort. Everyone who played made plays.  

Q: Can you talk about week after week being in the spotlight with the other team raising their game to go after you and the Patriots. What's it like to have your opponents be so up against you ever week and for you to be under attack every week?  

TB: We don't think about it much like that, we really don't. Whoever we play, we're expecting to go out there and rise up to them also. I don't think we ever have taken an opponent lightly. Every opponent is dangerous. We're going out there to play our best every week. We expect the opponent's best every week too. We're not going to expect to go out there and get six turnovers a week and win by 40. You realize it's going to come down to the fourth quarter and we have to make enough plays.  

Q: Isn't it a bit of a badge of honor that you're the team they focus on each week?  

TB: I'm not sure. I don't know how they focus.

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