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Tom Brady Postgame Press Conference Transcript

Patriots quarterback Tom Brady addresses the media during his postgame press conference at Heinz Field on Sunday, October 30, 2011.

You've had such great success here in Pittsburgh, your numbers are outrageous, did the Steelers do something different this time?
There was a poor level of execution. Too many three and outs. We all have to individually look in the mirror and figure out what we need to get better at.

Did the Pittsburgh Steelers' defense do anything different from what you've seen in the past?
They run a lot of the same stuff week in and week out. I don't think we did a very good job handling it or adjusting to it and playing against it. They played pretty physical. We really didn't match their physical style. We gotta run the ball better, we gotta throw the ball better. We have to execute better.

Is it frustrating to be on the sideline so much? It seemed like their offense was on the field a lot more than yours. Is that frustrating to watch?
Well, you always wanna be out there and the defense is busting their butts to get them off the field. We needed to do a better job of complimenting their drives. If they have a long drive, our offense cant just go in there and do a three and out like we did. We gotta do a better job then that. We made a lot of errors.

Did you think your pass to Rob Gronkowski was a touchdown?
It's not really up to me. I don't know how it looked on TV. I wish they would have reviewed it, but they didn't. We kept fighting till the end, as we always do. We're always going to fight till the end. We've got a lot of mentally tough guys, and guys with a lot of high character in our locker room. No one's going to feel sorry for themselves. It's the seventh game of the year, and we've got a lot of football left. Obviously, we just didn't play our best.

Return of Kevin Falk
It's great. He's such a spark plug for our offense, and he does so many things well. For a guy that hasn't played football in a year, it doesn't look like it. He played hard, he played well. He made some big plays. I'm sure he's going to be sore tomorrow. He took some big hits. It's great to have him back.

Expect the number of blitz plays
Yeah, they blitzed 50 percent of the time, any ways of defense, and especially during 3rd downs. It's a lot of pressure and you've got to stand up to the pressure. I'm sure you've got to complete tight throws. We just didn't do that.

Did you see more man from them?
Yeah. I think they played more than they've showed all year. The way that you beat man is you make plays against it, and get out of it. We didn't do enough of that.

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