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Tom Brady Postgame Press Conference Transcript

Patriots quarterback Tom Brady addresses the media during his postgame press conference at Gillette Stadium on Sunday, November 6, 2011.

Q: How difficult was it offensively to get things going in your game personally? It was a tough go of it most of the day.  

TB: Yeah, we battled for 60 minutes. They played us tough. They played us - it was just a battle out there. We made some plays and they made plays and it just kept going back and forth. I'm proud of our resiliency. On the sidelines, guys never - there's no quit in this team, we're going to keep fighting. They just made some pretty good plays there at the end to win it.  

Q: The previous three games, the other teams did a really nice job on you guys defensively. Today it seemed like there were plays you guys just didn't make that you normally do. Do you have any explanation on why the execution isn't where it needs to be right now offensively?  

TB: We played some pretty good defenses that present some challenges. They have good players and good schemes. It's just a matter of us executing better. We'll have to see the tape. It's one thing here [and] it's one thing there that keeps us from getting in the end zone. It was just a tough day, obviously, to lose in a game where we felt we had a good plan; we had a good week of practice. They played a little bit better than we did.  

Q: Did you think you may have lost this in the first half when you couldn't score? Especially that last drive when you were right there at the end of the half?  

TB: Yeah, we have to get the ball in the end zone when we get down close. We settled for field goals and that sort of thing - it's tough to come out with no points in the first half. We obviously played a very poor first half, but we battled back, we battled through some tough adversity there and put ourselves in a position. They made some great plays. That third down pass that Eli [Manning] made was a phenomenal throw and obviously the touchdown pass was a great throw. They played well.  

Q: Did the defense do anything that you weren't expecting or was it just a lack of execution?  

TB: At this point no one really shows a lot of new stuff because we've been playing now for eight weeks. It's more just our execution and we're going to keep battling and we have half the season to go. We'll see what our team is made of this week.  

Q: After what we saw in the first three weeks and what we've seen the last three weeks, what's the reality of this offense?  

TB: We're not playing the way we're capable of playing - so try to figure out the reasons why. We keep practicing. We keep battling out there. I'll say that there's a lot of fight in the guys. I think that's one thing that we take away is that last week the going got tough and we got going; same thing [with] Dallas and same thing this week. There are a lot of guys who play hard and we play until the end. We learn every week. We just didn't finish the way we would have hoped that it would have finished today.  

Q: Is there a concern that that fight will go away if you don't get the results you're accustomed to?  

TB: Not with the character of the guys that are out there; that's why they're on this team. There're a lot of guys who battled back and fought through adversity. Wes [Welker] takes some huge hits and gets back up and runs back on the field. Look, everyone hates losing - man, it sucks. You put a lot into it each week and it sucks when you lose. But look, no one feels sorry for you. We're going to come back and we're going to fight just as hard next week and hopefully the outcome is a little bit better.  

Q: Everybody talks about an offense having a deep threat. Do you feel like you're lacking that right now - that you're missing a tool in your toolbox?  

TB: There're different ways to get the ball down the field and all those guys that we have out there are capable of making big plays. Sometimes it's great to make big plays; sometimes it's good to be methodical. But yeah, big plays never hurt the offense.  

Q: The execution that's been lacking, have you been seeing that in practice?  

TB: It's football, so it's not like every single play you go out there and it's perfect. You fight for 60 minutes, you play as hard as you can and they make some plays and you make some plays, especially when you play good teams. You can't expect just to walk over teams every week. They were a little bit better than we were today. Like I said, we'll try to come out tomorrow, figure out the problems, try to correct them and then go out and have a good week and get ready for the Jets because that's obviously another tough one next week.  

Q: Do you feel like you and Chad Ochocinco are getting closer to being on the same page?  

TB: Yeah, we're working at it. We've only played together for eight games. We're just going to keep working at it. We've got no other choice but just to keep working at it.

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