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Tom Brady Postgame Press Conference Transcript

Q: What made you flip the switch from the first half to the second half?  

TB: Yeah, we played a little bit better. Obviously the first half we didn't do anything. I don't think it could have gotten much worse than what we did in the first half. But I thought we came out strong in the second half and took control in the third quarter. It's good to get a win at home after the loss last time.  

Q: Can you put your finger on why you've had slow starts? It seems like the last few games you have struggled in the first quarter.  

TB: Execution. We just sucked in the first half. If you can't complete a pass, you're not going to move the ball. Can't run it, can't complete a pass – we just didn't do anything.   

Q: What was your read on the first touchdown when the blitz came from your left and you hit Rob Gronkowski for the touchdown?  

TB: We had a play-action and they were blitzing off my left side and Rob slipped behind them and I just tried to step up in the pocket and buy a little time. I found Rob and he did the rest. He's tough to bring down. He runs hard. They had a chance to tackle him there about the eight, nine yard line. He broke a tackle and walked in. It was a big, big score for our team.  

Q: When he did the somersault into the end zone, he said he was shaken up and they gave him a test on the sideline where he had to count to 10. Could he pass that normally?  

TB: Yeah. You'd be surprised. You'd be surprised. He doesn't come across as a math major, but he can handle his own.  

Q: With the Chiefs taking away Wes Welker, how big were Aaron Hernandez and Rob Gronkowski, especially in that third quarter?  

TB: Yeah, sure. Rob, Aaron and Chad [Ochocinco] and the other skill guys that are out there that have opportunities to make the plays – I have to find ways to get those guys the ball and I didn't do a great job of that tonight. I have to do a better job next week.  

Q: How important is it to start building momentum at this time of year, heading toward Thanksgiving, moving toward the playoffs?  

TB: Yeah, we're going to need to play better than we did offensively tonight if we want to start making some serious improvements down the stretch. We're 7-3. I don't think we're really where we hoped to be at this point. We have a whole season ahead of us and hopefully we can come out and have a good week of practice and move forward.  

Q: What is it about Rob Gronkowski that impresses you the most, in terms of football?  

TB: His athletic ability, obviously. He catches the ball great. He's tough. He runs well. He blocks. He really does everything you ask a tight end to do. He's dangerous out there.

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