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Tom Brady Postgame Press Conference Transcript

Patriots quarterback Tom Brady addresses the media during his postgame press conference at Gillette Stadium on Sunday, December 4, 2011.

Q: How was it working with Nick McDonald today?

TB: It was good. I thought we had a good week of practice; [it] really prepared us for the game. He stepped in there, his first game as a Patriot, and did a real good job. It started with his week of practice.

Q: Despite the finish, is that what you wanted to get done for the first three quarters?

TB: Yeah, we played good for 45 minutes and then didn't do anything offensively in the fourth quarter, so we'll hear about that tomorrow.

Q: Did you think that last pass to Rob Gronkowski should have been a pass and not a lateral or a rushing touchdown instead of a pass?

TB: Oh it was?

Q: Oh, you didn't even know that?

TB: No.

Q: He only had two receiving touchdowns.

TB: That's okay. I'm glad we scored. That was a good play, good blocking. They blocked well for him on that play. That was great.

Q: They counted it and took it away from him.

TB: They reviewed it?

Q: Yeah.

TB: It must have been close. I thought it was a forward pass - I threw it.

Q: What was it like playing against the Colts with Peyton Manning on the sideline?

TB: Doesn't affect me much; I'm an offensive player. As a defense, they pretty much had the same guys out there that they had last year. They have a great pass rush. I thought we could execute better at times, but I'm glad we won and we have to move on.

Q: What is it about this offense that seems to really click when you go into the no-huddle? Is it all on you as the quarterback to make sure you get dialed in?

TB: It's on everybody. Offensive football is all 11 guys being on the same page. I thought we definitely did that at times today. The middle part of the game was awesome. We just came up third, fourth and a quarter of a yard short on the one and never got out of the long yardage situation there in the second to last drive. We'll try to do a better job of that next week.

Q: How is a guy like Rob Gronkowski able to get open consistently in the red zone - a guy that big with that kind of reputation?

TB: They have to cover everybody. They're trying to cover all five guys and whoever is open we're going to throw to.

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