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Tom Brady Postgame Press Conference Transcript

Q: Can you talk about the sneak on fourth and goal?  

TB: I thought it looked soft in there so I tried to take advantage of us getting an easy touchdown. I don't do that very often. I'm glad we had a chance to score there on fourth down. That was important.  

Q: Did you think Lee Evans had a touchdown when he caught the ball before Sterling Moore knocked it out?  

TB: It was a great play by Sterling. These games come down to one or two plays. Our defense really made some huge plays there; some very critical plays. It went down to the end. It was a hell of a game.  

Q: Do you think this team proved its toughness today? A lot of people consider you guys a finesse team.  

TB: It was two very physical teams I thought. We ran the ball in a few times; I thought we ran the ball great. It's a great team. The Ravens are in this position for a reason. They're a very good team. They're tough, they're physical, they can cover, they can rush, they stop the run - they do a lot of things very well. Their offense played well, I thought our defense played extremely well, offensively I wish we would have done a little bit better in the red area; certainly not throw interceptions. I'm glad we won; glad we're moving on. We've won 10 straight, hopefully we can make it 11.  

Q: You characterized your performance a certain way during the ceremony when you addressed the fans. What did you say and now that you've had some time to reflect, do you feel the same way?  

TB: As a quarterback, you never want to turn the ball over. You want to hit the open guys; you want to capitalize when you have open receivers. I wish I had done a better job of that today. In some ways, you always beat yourself up. I've been doing this for quite a while. I'm glad we won, I'm glad we're moving on. Hopefully I can go out there and do better in a few weeks. I think offensively we can do better and that's what it's going to take.  

Q: The last two years you left the field here with disappointing endings. You could argue that those Patriot teams had more talent than this team. Why is this team going to the Super Bowl?  

TB: We won 10 straight games and they haven't all been pretty. We've started slow, we've started fast. The offense has played really well at times; the defense has played really well at times. It's a pretty mentally tough team. There's really some resiliency, we've shown that all season. Even in the games we've lost, the three games we lost, we fought until the end. We're always going to fight to the end. It's great to be a part of a team like this. It's tough to get here, man. It's hard to win these games. It's hard to win games in the NFL because every team is very talented. We did enough here the last 10 weeks to win these games. I'm sure this next game is going to come down to the end and hopefully we have enough plays.  

Q: This is your fifth Super Bowl in 11 years. What does it mean for you to be going back there?  

TB: It's incredible. You watch this game; I was a kid growing up, I was a 49er fan so I got to watch a lot of Super Bowls. You pinch yourself to get this opportunity. I'm privileged to be part of an incredible organization [and] to play with a great group of teammates. It's really a privilege to play quarterback on this team.  

Q: Are you rooting for San Francisco?  

TB: I don't care who we play, I really don't. 

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